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  • Elena Z. 06.01.2022
    Tickets Gili (company: Eka Jaya)
    It was amazing trip ❤️ Very calm and beautiful island ?
  • Pavel B. 09.04.2020
    Motocross (company: Bali Dirt Bike)
    I liked absolutely everything, one of the best experiences.
  • Camille H. 10.02.2020
    Transfer (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    On time, helpful, great as usual !
  • Camille H. 09.02.2020
    Kintamani and hide canyon (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Second time doing this activity with a big group. The guides and drivers were great, super friendly and helpful. We have been able to change the itinerary during the day to spend more time in some places, super flexible. I recommend 100%.
  • Viktoriia H. 05.01.2020
    Ijen (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Всё было отлично, на группу было три гида. Все шли в своём темпе. Подъем оказался значительно легче ожидаемого. Никаких резких подъёмов вверх. Спуск в кратер был самым «опасным», но идти туда было по желанию. Гиды делали фото, спрашивали хорошо ли мы себя чувствуем по ходу. К сожалению, было туманно и рассвет мы не увидели, но было очень красивое бирюзовое озеро и синее свечение ночью. До этого читала отзывы о диком холоде и ужасно тяжелей нагрузке. Одеты были в футболку и толстовку этого было достаточно за счёт интенсивной ходьбы. Нагрузка выше среднего, но опять же в любой момент можно остановиться отдохнуть или заплатить (700 000 рупий за то, чтоб тебя подняли на гору и спустили на тележке ). Автобус был комфортный с юсб отверстиями для зарядки телефона. Останавливались возле кафе с хорошими ценами (4 000 рис, 20 000 хот дог, пиццы от 20к маленькие).
  • Dmytro K. 28.12.2019
    Rent car with the driver on Nusa Penida island (company: Semaya One )
    Everything was great, driver also made a lot of photos for us :)
  • Sevinj S. 24.11.2019
    Instagram tour (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Guide had a pour english, he didnt inform about should i take with me clothes or leave them in a car, he forgot to give tickets for second waterfall, we went to parking area to get tickets. All these are not his mistake but company's mistake so hire him and send him to us.
  • Camille H. 12.11.2019
    Kintamani and hide canyon (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    The canyon was amazing ! So much fun ! Everything was well organized
  • Kostas P. 18.10.2019
    Tickets Gili (company: Wahana Gili Ocean)
    Because our pickup hotel was attached building with the taverna we had to do checkin to go to Gili , nobody picked us up and nobody told us where to check in, I had to ask myself to the port ! It’s not obvious with big board where is Wahana office ! Apart from this all was perfect ?? I also liked all your drivers !
  • William M. 03.10.2019
    Nusa Penida Tours (company: Crown Fast Cruises)
    I book with this tour company because of the great reviews everywhere. There are many other companies charging much less for the same tour so I recommend going elsewhere. Our tour guide was very nice but didn't say a word or tell us anything about the island during our land portion of the tour. He dropped us off at 2 locations and told us we have about 20 minutes in each area to explore and then meet back at the car. This island is beautiful but is is not developed. There generally are no roads and the ride is very difficult. The car we were in was not suited to drive these roads and we were stuck a few times during the tour. The AC was inadequate so it was extremely uncomfortable during the 3 hrs of driving around the island. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WEARING WATER SHOES!!! To board the return boat you must walk a long way though water and the ground is covered in sharp coral. Do not eat or drink the water on the island, who knows where they get anything over there. There are NO clean toilets anywhere and you must pay 5000idr house the hole in the ground they call a bathroom. The entire day was comprised of very difficult travel so if you are not prepared for it you will not have a great day.

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