Sunrise the top of Batur and visiting the “village of the dead”

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Do you want to see the whole life cycle in one day?

Witness its origin by meeting the dawn on top of the active Batur volcano and observe its natural completion in the “village of the dead” Trunyan. To do this, touch the secrets of Bali-Aga tribeThe tribe living in the village - the indigenous Balinese, has preserved its traditions and beliefs. These people live in balance with nature and profess animism.

The cemetery of the village is a mystical place, shrouded in a halo of legends and became famous thanks to a special tree that exudes an unusual aroma. You can get to this place only by boat through the lake at the foot of Batur volcano and only with a guide. Instead of Trunyan village, you can visit the ancient temple of Pura Hulundanu Batur Songan, located near Lake Batur. According to the beliefs of the Balinese, the temple brings harmony and prosperity.

The trip to the volcano, the visit to the “village of the dead” or Pura Hulundanu Batur Songan temple will restore your inner harmony and give you an unforgettable experience and expand your worldview.

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Hike up Batur and visiting the “village of the dead"Trip: daily. Private tour for 2 or more people.
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Chosen:Hike up Batur and visiting the “village of the dead"

  • photo Hike up Batur and visiting the “village of the dead
  • photo Hike up Batur and visiting the “village of the dead
  • photo Hike up Batur and visiting the “village of the dead
  • photo Hike up Batur and visiting the “village of the dead
  • photo Hike up Batur and visiting the “village of the dead
  • photo Hike up Batur and visiting the “village of the dead

The local cemetery is not a burial site in the ground. Bali-Aga leave the bodies of deceased by the roots of Menyan tree. At the same time, no unpleasant odor emanates from the remains. Bali-Aga believe that if you burn the dead, as the Balinese Hindus do, the Batur volcano will get angry and begin to erupt.
Despite the unusual way of their life from our point of view, an unusual calmness is felt in the village, as if the whole world had found the long-awaited harmony.

What To Expect

Morning transfer to Mount Batur
The driver of Maps Bali Tour Transport Company arrives at your hotel at a scheduled time; you should wait for the car at the reception of your hotel or in front of your villa. The transfer takes you to Mount Batur. The guide meets you at the car park, then takes you to the start and provides you with flashlights.

Climbing Mount Batur
Climbing Mount Batur starts at 4 a.m. There are several stops on the way up. You will see the sunrise at the height of 1717 meters above the sea; an amazing scenery of the lake inside the caldera of the volcano and its surroundings reveals there. You can enjoy every moment of this morning and a breakfast that the guide will serve for you. It includes eggs, sweet banana sandwich, tea or coffee. Then you will go down to the start.

Visit to the village
Upon descending the volcano you will sail by boat Lake Batur to the “Village of the dead” Trunyan. You will visit the burial site and plunge into the mystical atmosphere of Balinese legends.
We ask you to respect local customs and not touch the remains. You need to keep a low profile. Then you will return by boat to the other side, from where the transfer will pick you up.

Then you will return by boat to the other side, from where the transfer will pick you up. He will take you to your hotel or villa.

Travel time depends on traffic jams and the location of your destination.

Please note:

  • in accordance with paragraph 7.3.3 of the Terms and Conditions, Company is not responsible for weather conditions on the date of your climb. The weather in the caldera of Batur Volcano is unpredictable; fog, rain and low visibility are possible on the climb, especially in the rain season.


  • Kelly 07.04.2020
    Batur and Trunyan (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    We took the long trek from Kuta but it was worth it.Very interesting and informative. A peaceful setting.
  • Mark 05.04.2020
    Batur and Trunyan (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    A 20 minuet boat ride will bring you to Trunyan cemetery. The only place in Bali where the dead are not buried ..Placed above ground under bamboo cages,the village dead are left to decay The cemetery is located on the shores of Lake Batur in the shadows of Mt Kintamani..Only accessible by boat.There is no smell of decay from the 4 day old body that was there when I visited, it is said the near by Banyan tree absorbs the smell, and i was only 2 feet from a body and there was no smell.A truly remarkable experience
  • Jaya 03.04.2020
    Batur and Trunyan (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Read all the mixed reviews. I've always wanted to come to the cemetery so we went . Over there knowing the full history of it made it way more meaningful, And just for the record you will never see a proper fresh dead body as they close it for ceremony. They have cleaned it up a little but it's meant to be set out like that . Over all we had an awesome day . They are considered one of the last 10 tribes of the world . Worth it if you explore while you are up there .
  • Anna B. 07.08.2022
    Batur and Trunyan (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Очень понравилось восхождение на Батур с нашим проводником. Он подготовил для нас вкусный перекус на вершине, это было очень приятно. Водителю Ади особое спасибо, очень комфортная поездка и очень чистая машина. Поездка в деревню мертвых очень интересная, но больше скорее всего туда не поедем. Деревня Труньян находится в небольшом запущенности местными жителями, советуем даже туда не заезжать, а просто заезжать на их кладбище. Очень странная и шокирующая традиция захоронения.
  • Лариса К 11.03.2020
    Batur and Trunyan (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Это, конечно, была самая наша необычная экскурсия на Бали :) Немного было даже жутковато, все таки все эти черепа, останки. Место, однозначно, энергетически сильное!
  • Kirill Kalinov 09.03.2020
    Batur and Trunyan (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Читал про эту деревню еще в России, интересно было съездить. После восхождения правда немного устали и не выспавшиеся были, сначала вообще хотелось просто поехать в отель и лечь, но хорошо, что все уже было оплачено :)))) Вообще, конечно, странная затея ехать смотреть на кости, но место действительно мистическое, не гнетущее.
  • Nikita 05.03.2020
    Batur and Trunyan (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Спасибо, поездка была интересная! Мы под впечатлением от деревни
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Cancellation Policy

  • We give a refund for the service retaining 10% of the payment amount, if the customer makes the cancellation at least 48 hours before the event starts or if there is an official document on hospitalization from the hospital.
  • Refunds are made at the exchange rate set by the Bank of Indonesia on the day of payment.
  • We give a full refund in case the provider can't render the service.
  • We review the issue of a refund up to 5 business days from the date of costumer's application.
  • We provide a refund within 5 banking days from the moment the decision on the return is agreed.

About payment:

  • booking by prepayment: 16 $/pax
  • you can pay online with VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, cryptocurrencies
  • you can pay by cash in shops Alfamart

The tour includes

  • transfer service
  • English speaking driver
  • tour guide
  • torch
  • continental breakfast on the volcano
  • insurance covers up to 10 000 000 idr per person
  • boat trip to the village of Trunyan

Extra charge

  • surcharges for transfer from remote areas, the amount must be checked with the manager

You bring

  • comfortable shoes (sneakers / trekking boots)
  • warm clothes (a jacket / a hoodie/ pants)
  • change t-shirt
  • hat/hood
  • blanket (optional)
  • high-carb snack during the climb
  • drinking water
  • raincoat ( in the rainy season)

Please note

  • the volcano height is 1717 meters
  • average climb and descent time is 4 - 5 hours
  • children over age of 7 travel under the responsibility of parents
  • for people with average physical abilities
  • the price per person is valid when traveling from 2 people.
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