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Discover the vibrant colors of untouched nature and authentic local culture on your journey to East Bali. Get ready for a day filled with adventures, offering you the thrill of discovery and exploration.

Get ready to explore an ancient cliffside temple tucked away deep in the jungles, far from the tourist trails. This mystical place shrouded in history captivates with moss-covered steps, hanging vines over stone structures, and lotus-filled pools—an Asian marvel known only to the most curious souls.

After this cultural adventure, take in the stunning beauty of the secluded Aan waterfall and revitalize yourself in the refreshing pool at the Gembleng waterfall.

You will also visit the Samsara Museum, where you will learn about the way of life and traditions of the Balinese.

After your trip, you'll have the chance to explore the authentic village of Tenganan. The people here live in a way that's distinct from other Balinese communities, focusing on traditional crafts. They skillfully make stunning sarongs using local cotton, practice batik by painting wax designs on fabric, and create a special sacred cloth called double ikat. This is an opportunity to discover these ancient crafts and take home some unique souvenirs.

Experience the captivating beauty and rich culture of the Island of Gods!

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    Gembleng waterfall
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    the Samsara Museum
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    temple of Tegallinggah
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    temple of Tegallinggah
  • photo Authentic Bali: Tour to the East 5
    Tenganan village
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    Tenganan village
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    Tenganan village
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    Tenganan village
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    Tenganan village
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    Tenganan village
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    Tenganan village

What To Expect

Morning transfer

At approximately 8:00 AM, a driver from Bali tours transportation company will arrive at your hotel/villa. Please wait for the driver at your hotel's reception area or near the villa.

Main program

At 9:30, accompanied by an English-speaking driver,  you will head to the first stop on the route - the mystical abandoned cliffside temple of Tegallinggah. The path to the temple involves a staircase that overlooks ponds filled with fish and lotus flowers. Covered in moss, these steps tower above the ancient stone structures, adorned with cascading vines and tranquil pools of lotuses – an Asian wonder hidden away, known only to the most curious adventurers.

Here, you will witness a rare sight for these parts – a rock-carved temple complex adorned with intricate carvings. Today, this place fascinates many explorers and historians, all drawn to uncover the mysteries of a structure that holds over 800 years of history.

11:30 - After experiencing the rich cultural heritage of Bali, get ready to explore the island's stunning natural beauty. You will discover Gembleng waterfall with its natural pool offering a breathtaking view of the jungle scenery. The waterfall tucked away from the usual tourist spots.

13:30 - The next stop is a hidden gem known to few tourists - the Samsara Museum, dedicated to the local way of life and traditions. A knowledgeable local guide will delve into the importance of Balinese rituals, explaining the customs and lifecycle - from birth rituals and child-rearing practices to funeral ceremonies.

15:00 - After an exciting morning, it's time for lunch at a restaurant that overlooks the ocean (lunch not included). Amidst the sound of the waves, delicious seafood or local cuisine dishes await you.

16:00 - The final destination of your Eastern journey - the authentic village of Tenganan, known for its residents and their traditional way of life. Here, things are different from the usual Balinese norms - local hierarchy and rituals have their unique style. The society here is quite closed and has only recently become accessible to tourists. Local craftsmanship takes center stage here. At Tenganan, witness the making of traditional textile treasures like vibrant batiks, sarongs, and the extraordinary double ikat, found nowhere else in the world. These beautiful creations made by skilled artisans are available for purchase, making for meaningful souvenirs of your visit.

Return transfer

Around 18:00, you will be back at your hotel or villa. The exact arrival time might vary depending on traffic conditions and the distance of your accommodation from the drop-off point.

Important information:

During the rainy season, the steps to the Tegalinggan Temple can be very slippery, be careful when descending. If it is not possible to get to the temple due to weather conditions, then the guide has the right to change the visit to the temple in the program to an alternative location.


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Cancellation Policy

  •  A refund for the service is provided if the cancellation is made by the client no less than 24 hours before the start of the event or upon presentation of an official document from a medical institution confirming hospitalization;
  • If a cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, a penalty fee of 200,000 IDR will be applicable;
  • Tour cancellations due to adverse weather conditions will be determined based on official weather reports that pose a risk to the safe execution of the activities. Our team, equipped with expertise and knowledge about the route's weather, prioritizes safety and will not proceed with a trip if there are safety concerns due to weather conditions;
  • Subjective assessment of weather conditions by participants cannot be the basis for deciding whether to proceed with or cancel the trip;
  • There is no refund if the tour is canceled due to weather conditions. The tour can be rescheduled for another date;
  • Refunds will be made based on the currency exchange rate set by the Bank of Indonesia on the payment date.
  • A full refund will be issued if the service provider is unable to deliver the service in its entirety.
  • The refund processing time is up to 5 calendar days from the date of request.
  • The refund period is up to 14 calendar days from the date the decision to refund is approved.

About payment:

  • booking by prepayment: 160 000 idr/pax
  • you can pay online with VISA, MasterCard, PayPal
  • you can pay by cash in shops Alfamart

The tour includes:

  • transfer
  • English-speaking guide-driver
  • entrance tickets to locations

Extra charge:

  • additional expenses not included in the main program
  • lunch
  • insurance (personal travel insurance required)

You bring:

  • swimwear
  • sunscreen
  • comfortable non-slip shoes

Please note:

  • the waterfalls are suitable for people of all fitness levels
  • visiting temples is not recommended for women during their menstrual period
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