Batur volcano trekking

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Embark on a journey to witness the breathtaking sunrise from the summit of the awe-inspiring Mount Batur, where you'll encounter the pristine beauty and immerse yourself in the powerful energy of Bali. Mount Batur sunrise trekking demands strength and endurance, but the rewards are well worth it. This volcanic giant stands as one of Bali's active volcanoes and is the second-highest peak on the island. Within its caldera lies a serene lake perched at an elevation of 1,717 meters above sea level, surrounded by volcanic cones and craters. This unique landscape creates an otherworldly atmosphere that may transport you to another planet.

The most enchanting moment comes at dawn when the volcano and the lake slowly unveil themselves in the soft pink-blue morning mist, providing the perfect backdrop for stunning photographs. Local beliefs hold that ascending Mount Batur purifies the soul and allows for a fresh start in life, which might explain why many young couples choose this magical place for marriage proposals.

To truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the Kintamani region, consider taking a 2-day tour with an overnight stay in a comfortable hotel overlooking Mount Batur. After the exhilarating sunrise trek, you can unwind and rejuvenate in the soothing thermal springs, making your visit a complete and unforgettable experience.

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Ticket Company Rating Price
Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour)Trip: daily Company:
Pineh Trekking
480 000 idr
480 000 idr Details Book
Climbing Batur (shared tour)Trip: daily Company:
Pineh Trekking
650 000 idr
650 000 idr Details Book
Only Guide to BaturTrip: daily Company:
Pineh Trekking
450 000 idr
450 000 idr Details Book
Climbing Batur and Natural hot springs from Ubud (shared tour)Trip: daily Company:
Pineh Trekking
670 000 idr
670 000 idr Details Book
Climbing Batur and Natural hot springs (shared tour)Trip: daily Company:
Pineh Trekking
850 000 idr
850 000 idr Details Book
* The discount could be applied for organized groups.

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TOTAL 480 000 IDR

Chosen:Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour)

  • photo Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour) 1
    Batur Volcano at dawn
  • photo Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour) 2
    Batur Volcano at dawn
  • photo Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour) 3
    Batur Volcano at dawn
  • photo Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour) 4
    Batur Volcano
  • photo Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour) 5
    Batur Volcano
  • photo Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour) 6
    Batur Volcano at dawn
  • photo Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour) 7
    Batur Volcano
  • photo Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour) 8
    Batur Volcano at dawn
  • photo Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour) 9
    Sunrise on Batur
  • photo Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour) 10
    Batur Volcano lake view
  • photo Climbing Batur from Ubud (shared tour) 11
    Monkeys at the top of the volcano

What To Expect

Morning transfer to Mount Batur

On the day of your scheduled meeting, a driver from Pineh Trekking transport company will arrive at your hotel or villa. You should be ready to meet the driver at the hotel reception or by the villa entrance. This driver will be responsible for taking you to the base located at the foot of Mount Batur. Once you arrive at the base, you will have the chance to meet your fellow group members and become acquainted with your instructor, who will provide a brief orientation and distribute flashlights. To kickstart your day, a delightful breakfast of banana pancakes, tea, and coffee will be served. Following breakfast, the vehicle will transport you to the trekking's starting point. Depending on the crowd at the starting point, the driver will either take you directly to the point or make a brief stop about 15-20 minutes walking distance away.

Climbing Mount Batur

The journey to the top of Mount Batur starts bright and early at 4 a.m. To make the trek to the 1,717 meters above sea level more comfortable, we've planned several stops along the way. Our goal is to reach the volcano's summit just in time for the sunrise. When you get there, you'll be treated to a breathtaking view of the caldera and the mountain lake, all wrapped in the magical morning mist. At the top, you can enjoy some light snacks and refreshing mineral water. You'll have plenty of time to soak in the beauty of the sunrise and take some fantastic photos. After this incredible experience, we'll begin the journey back to the meeting point, where our driver will be waiting for you at the parking area.

Return transfer

Once everyone has gathered, the transfer will commence, taking you back to your hotel or villa. Please note that the exact arrival time may vary based on traffic conditions and your specific destination.

Please note

  • In accordance with paragraph 7.3.3 of the Terms and Conditions, Company cannot be held responsible for the weather conditions on the day of your climb. Weather in the Batur Volcano caldera can be quite unpredictable, with the possibility of fog, rain, and reduced visibility, particularly during the rainy season. Your safety is our utmost priority, and we take appropriate measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, even in adverse weather conditions.


  • Aleksei R. 26.03.2023
    Batur Sunrise (company: Pineh Trekking)
    Transfer was on time, and the drive was comfortable
  • Diana L. 02.12.2022
    Batur Sunrise (company: Pineh Trekking)
    Liked our guide, she is very nice and responsible. Liked the fact that snacks and coffee were included. Disliked the transfer: on our return way the driver made us wait for 20 minutes then he came back and asked us to change the car. We changed the car and started our way that lasted for almost 1.30 hours! We were too tired and really wished to come back quicker, we were quite disappointed
  • 1 from 2

Cancellation Policy

  • Refunds for the service are made with a deduction of 10% of the payment amount if the cancellation is made by the client at 48 hours days before the start of the event or if there is an official document from a medical institution;
  • If the cancellation is made on the day before the trip, then the refund will be made with a deduction of 50% of the payment amount;
  • Refunds are made at the exchange rate set by the Bank of Indonesia on the day of payment;
  • We give a full refund in case the provider can't render the service;
  • We review the issue of a refund up to 5 business days from the date of costumer's application;
  • We provide a refund within 5 banking days from the moment the decision on the return is agreed.

About payment:

  • booking by prepayment: 240 000 idr/pax
  • you can pay online with VISA, MasterCard, PayPal
  • you can pay by cash in shops Alfamart

The tour includes

  • transfer service
  • English speaking driver
  • tour guide
  • flashlight
  • snacks on the top of the volcano

You bring

  • comfortable shoes (sneakers / trekking boots)
  • warm clothes ( a jacket / a hoodie/ pants)
  • change t-shirt
  • hat/hood
  • blanket (optional)
  • high-carb snack during the climb
  • water
  • raincoat ( in the rainy season)

Please note

  • the volcano height is 1717 meters
  • average climb and descent time is 4 - 5 hours
  • children over age of 7 travel under the responsibility of parents
  • for people with average physical abilities
  • it is recommended to have personal travel insurance

Extra charge

  • drinks
  • transfer from remote area
  • insurance
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