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Would you like to discover the authentic beauty of Bali and capture its unique natural wonders? Embark on an exciting adventure with a jeep tour to the Batur volcano!

This journey kicks off early in the morning, while the entire island is still blanketed in pre-dawn mist. With the help of a four-wheel drive jeep, you'll reach remote locations to explore the volcanic landscapes of the Kintamani region. You'll traverse black sands and lava hills, marvel at breathtaking island vistas, and witness the sunrise right at the edge of the volcano. As part of one of the routes, you'll even visit Butus Hills, a unique place where lava sand was once extracted.

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Fri, 24 May
from 360k idr
Sat, 25 May
from 360k idr
Sun, 26 May
from 360k idr
Mon, 27 May
from 360k idr
Tue, 28 May
from 360k idr
Wed, 29 May
from 360k idr
Thu, 30 May
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Fri, 31 May
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Sat, 1 Jun
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Sun, 2 Jun
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Mon, 3 Jun
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Tue, 4 Jun
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Wed, 5 Jun
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Thu, 6 Jun
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Fri, 7 Jun
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Sat, 8 Jun
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Ticket Company Rating Price
Short Sunrise (3,5 hours)From 2 pax. Sunrise Point, Butus hills, Black Lava
- 28% from 3 pax *
Batur Jeep Tour
500 000 idr
360 000 idr
360 000 idr Details Book
Medium Sunrise (5 hours)From 2 pax. Sunrise Point, Black Lava, Black Sand + Butus Hills
- 24% from 3 pax *
Batur Jeep Tour
525 000 idr
400 000 idr
400 000 idr Details Book
* The discount could be applied for organized groups.

Book online (Short Sunrise (3,5 hours))

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TOTAL 1 000 000 IDR

Chosen:Short Sunrise (3,5 hours)

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What To Expect

To join the Batur Jeep Tour, make sure to arrive at the designated meeting point at the scheduled time.

If you prefer, you can arrange a morning transfer from your hotel or villa to the meeting point and back. Simply wait for the car either at your hotel's reception or near your villa.

Tour program

Before the trip, you will have a briefing and then get in a four-wheel drive Jeep for 3 people. The journey begins before dawn at 5:00 a.m.

You will visit several locations:

  • Your first stop is at Sunrise Point, where you'll spend around an hour to witness the sunrise and enjoy breakfast at an elevation of 1300 meters above sea level.
  • The next location on the tour is Butus Hills, an area where lava sand was once excavated. From this vantage point at 1400 meters above sea level, you'll have a splendid view of the southern side of the Kintamani Valley.
  • The tour's third stop is Black Lava, a valley formed by volcanic eruptions in the 1960s.
  • By 8:00, you will return to the starting point, where you can enjoy tea or coffee.

Please note:

The route to Butus Hills includes a steep forest serpentine road, and professional Jeep drivers will guide you at a pace that suits your comfort level, whether you prefer a calm or adrenaline-pumping ride. If you'd rather not visit this location, you can request that the driver substitute it with a different one.

Cancellation Policy

  • We provide a refund for the service, with a 10% deduction from the payment amount, if the customer cancels at least 24 hours before the event begins, or if they can provide an official hospital document;
  • Refunds will be made in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or at the currency conversion rate determined by the banks of Indonesia and the recipient's bank on the day of payment.
  • Cancellation of the tour due to adverse weather conditions is accepted based on official information that deems the event unsafe. Our trip organizers possess the necessary expertise and knowledge about the weather conditions along the trip route. The safety of the participants is our priority, and no trip will proceed if there is an official ban due to safety concerns.
  • Decisions to proceed or cancel a trip will not be based on subjective assessments of weather conditions by trip participants.
  • There will be no refund in the event of tour cancellation due to adverse weather conditions. However, the tour can be rescheduled for another date.
  • A full refund will be issued if the contractor (service provider) is unable to deliver the service as originally agreed.
  • The timeframe for processing refund requests is within 5 working days from the date of the request.
  • The refund will be processed within 14 working days from the date of the request.

About payment:

  • booking by prepayment: 250 000 idr/pax
  • you can pay online with VISA, MasterCard, PayPal
  • you can pay by cash in shops Alfamart

The tour includes:

  • transfer from hotels in the Batura area
  • jeep for 3 people
  • professional driver
  • breakfast

Extra charge:

  • transfer from the hotel and back
  • 50 000 IDR entry fee to Kintomani
  • insurance (personal travel insurance required)

Remember to pack:

  • weather clothing and change of clothes in case of getting wet
  • hat
  • comfortable shoes
  • comfortable jacket
  • sunscreen
  • camera / phone / powerbank / charging
  • money for personal expenses
  • passport and insurance or a copy (photo)

Please note:

  • the timing of the trip can be changed by the provider
  • available for ages 1 to 65
  • children under 3 years are free
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