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Are you ready to see Bali from a new perspective, look into the Batur caldera and get a bird's eye view of the endless ocean and rocky shores of the Bukit peninsula?

A helicopter flight would equally suit those who seek romance in the sky and those who love adventure and want to get vivid emotions from a couple of stunts in the air. Choose your flight program and enjoy the stunning views of Bali with us!

Mason Sky Tour offers safe helicopter flights on Eurocopter B2. On board the helicopter you will find an air-conditioned passenger cabin for 5 people and a highly experienced Australian pilot, as well as excellent quality of service and unforgettable emotions.

Share these unforgettable views with your friends and family!

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Ticket Company Rating Price
Helicopter flight "A taste of Bali"flight duration 12 minutes Company:
Bali Heli
$390 Details Book
Helicopter flight "The bukit tour"flight duration 18 minutes Company:
Bali Heli
$521 Details Book
Helicopter flight "The Nusa Penida islands"flight duration 48 minutes Company:
Bali Heli
$1 320
$1 320 Details Book
Helicopter flight "The beach tour"flight duration 30 minutes Company:
Bali Heli
$851 Details Book
Helicopter flight "The bukit tour"flight duration 18 minutes Company:
$825 Details Book
* The discount could be applied for organized groups only from one address for pick up and drop off.

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Chosen:Helicopter flight "A taste of Bali"

  • photo Helicopter flight
  • photo Helicopter flight
  • photo Helicopter flight
  • photo Helicopter flight
  • photo Helicopter flight
  • photo Helicopter flight
  • photo Helicopter flight

Helicopter flight to the famous Uluwatu Temple and the Garuda Vishnu statue in GWK, along the coastline of the most popular Bukit beaches - Balangan, Nyang Nyang and Dreamland.
Get together with your friends and loved ones and recharge your batteries with the energy of the sky!

What To Expect

If you are using your own transport, you need to report to the office of Bali Hei 30 minutes before the scheduled flight time.
You can also book your transfer with us. If you wish us to organise your transfer, please contact the manager at mybalitrips.com (the cost of your transfer is not included in the cost of the flight). At the agreed time, the car will pick you up from your hotel or villa. 

A company representative will meet you at office and escort you to your helicopter. Before the flight you will be instructed and told about the safety rules on board. After all the necessary instructions you will take off.

During the journey we will fly over the tallest statue in Bali, Garuda Vishnu, which protects the island of Bali from evil spirits. Then we will head along the picturesque beaches of Bukita: Balangan and Dreamland to the mystical Uluwatu temple on the rock. After flying over it, we will return to the helipad near Melasti Beach.

Important information:

  • if on the day of your trip the weather is bad and unsuitable for the flight, we will notify you in advance and offer to postpone the flight to the next day. If the proposed option is inconvenient for you, we will refund you in full.


  • James L. 18.05.2022
    Helicopter (company: Bali Heli)
    Incredible experience! Pilot was amazing and the staff were very friendly.
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  • Refunds for the trip are made with 50% of the payment if the cancelation by the customer is made at least 60 days before the event. If the deposit paid for the boat is less than 500 USD, the entire deposit is lost;
  • Refunds will be made at the exchange rate set by Bank Indonesia on the date of payment;
  • Full refund is made in case of impossibility on the part of the provider to provide the service in full;
  • The time period for consideration of the refund is up to 5 calendar days from the date of application;
  • Money refund period - up to 14 calendar days from the date of the decision to refund;
  • Tour cancelation due to weather conditions is accepted based on official information about the weather conditions that prevent safe conduct of events. Tour organizers have experience and knowledge of weather conditions along the route of the trip. No trip, for safety reasons, will be allowed if there is a travel ban;
  • A subjective assessment of weather conditions by trip participants cannot be the basis for a decision to undertake or cancel a trip.

About payment:

  • booking by prepayment: 390 $
  • you can pay online with VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, cryptocurrencies
  • you can pay by cash in shops Indomaret

The tour includes:

  • 12 minute helicopter flight
  • certified pilot
  • flight insurance

Extra charge:

  • surcharges for transfer, the amount must be checked with the manager

What to take with you:

  • camera

Important information:

  • the maximum capacity of the helicopter is 4 people
  • the maximum carrying capacity of the helicopter is 600 kg
  • drinking and smoking during the flight are strictly prohibited
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