Climbing the Ijen volcano

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Do you know, that you can see polar lights not only at one of the Earth’s poles, but also at the equator? You need to go to Java island, located in a few hours from Bali, and from there you go to the East – to Ijen volcano. You will see amazing colors of nature at the top of 2000 meters above the sea level: turquoise lake, bright-yellow stones and gleaming blue lights. There are huge sulphur rocks. During the day-time workers carry in their baskets huge pieces of sulphur, and at night-time the mysterious blue light appears around the rocks. This happens because in contact with oxygen sulphur makes a chemical reaction and special gleaming appears in the air, which you can see at night.

Together all these objects make wonderful scenery. You should take camera with you, to save it in the picture, not just in your memories.

Welcome to the Ijen planet!

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