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Bali Travel Affiliate Program

A simple way to monetize your website, blog or group in social networks!

MyBaliTrips covers almost all sorts of tourist services in Bali and neighboring islands. Recommend our services to your friends, followers, fellow travelers and we will reward you as per our rewards program reference below.

Our advantages

  • Different products

    A wide range of tourist activities on the island of Bali. Regular update of tourist products!
  • High salary

    A competitive partner reward -up to $20 per reference which results in a purchase of services.
  • Cookies - 90 days

    We store user’s cookies for 90 days.
  • 24 hour customer support

    We guarantee high quality service and support to all our clients.
  • Real Time Analytics

    Convenient conversion and real time sales analysis!

Anyone can become a partner!

  • Travel bloggers and video bloggers who write about Bali and have a constant traffic that they would like to collaborate and monetize;
  • The owners of the sites about Bali;
  • The owners of popular thematic groups about Bali in social media with a large number of followers;
  • Business owners in Bali who search for additional source of income.

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How does the affiliate program work?

  • Connect your resource

    Register in affiliate program and place your affiliate link on your resource
  • Customer makes a purchase

    The client who has followed your link makes and pays for our purchase.
  • Get a commission!

    Up to $ 15 per sale! All charges and statistics in real time.

What tools do we provide?

  • banners;

  • photo and video content;

  • widgets

    are under development
  • API

    are under development

We are open for each platform and are ready to develop for you special banners and promotional materials.

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