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Elephants are amazing. You can get to know them and befriend them in the Mason Elephant Safari Park.

You will have a chance to feed the elephants with delicious fruit, hug, take care of them and even wash them. Currently, about 30 rescued Sumatran elephants live in the park. They came to Bali in the 1980s, when their Sumatran natural habitat was actively destroyed by deforestation. Now these intelligent animals live in safety and comfort in a cool and humid climate near the village of Taro.

In the park you will also find a museum, a gallery, a souvenir shop with handmade produce, as well as restaurants, bars, ponds, exotic trees and plants.

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Wed, 17 Jul
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Thu, 18 Jul
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Ticket Company Rating Price
Bathe & breakfastTrip: daily. Included: transfer, breakfast, bathe with elephants, hand-feeding the elephants Company:
Mason Adventure Tours
$93 $93 Details Book
Jumbo wash the elephantsTrip: daily. Included: transfer, lunch, elephant wash, hand-feeding the elephants Company:
Mason Adventure Tours
$82 $82 Details Book
Elephant safari rideTrip: daily. Included: transfer, elephant ride, lunch, hand-feeding the elephants Company:
Mason Adventure Tours
$96 $96 Details Book
Safari under the stars Trip: daily. Included: transfer, night safari ride, dinner, hand-feeding the elephants Company:
Mason Adventure Tours
$123 $123 Details Book

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Chosen:Bathe & breakfast

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    Elephant bath
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    Elephant bath
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    Elephant bath
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    Elephant bath
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    Elephant park
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    Elephant park
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    Breakfast in the park restaurant


Take a “morning bath” with elephants in a special bathing lake.
You will sit on the back of a giant, while he is having fun trying to throw water at you from his trunk. Perhaps the elephant would even wants to dive with you underwater! But do not worry, it is absolutely safe, fun and will gift a lot of emotions to you and the animal.

After the “bath” you will hand-feed the elephants - this is an unforgettable experience. Elephants, like vacuum cleaners, suck food with their trunks. Overfeeding them is impossible, because they eat and digest food 20 hours a day.

Then it will be time to have a tasty and hearty breakfast. After breakfast, a talent show awaits you - elephants will play, draw and show their intellectual skills. You can also ride the elephants (if you purchased this option) or visit the museum and information center dedicated to the history of elephants in Bali and other interesting facts.

How it will be

Morning transfer
At the agreed meeting time, a group transfer from Mason Adventures will pick you up. You must wait for the car at the reception of your hotel or near your villa.

Main tour program 
After arriving at the park, you will fill out the necessary health insurance document and receive your tickets and coupons at the box office, depending on the activities you chose (coupons for breakfast or lunch, coupons for riding the elephants).
Passing through the information center and the gallery, you will walk inside the park, where a representative will meet you and take you to your first activity. Park staff will look after you and help you throughout the program.

07.30 Arrival at Mason Elephant Park & ​​Lodge

07.45 Registration process

08.00 Elephant wash and elephant bath

09.15 Breakfast (choice of Continental or American breakfast)

10.15 Elephant Talent Show

10.30 Elephant ride or visit to the museum and information center

12.00 Departure from Mason Elephant Park & ​​Lodge

Return transfer
When the tour ends and all the guests meet at the exit, a transfer from Mason Adventures will take you back to your hotel or villa. The exact time of arrival depends on traffic and the remoteness of your accommodation.

MyBalitrips.com wishes you a pleasant journey! 


  • Aleksandra 06.05.2019
    Elephants Park (company: Mason Adventure Tours)
    Нам понравилось все! на месте докупили еще катание на слонах
  • Olga N 04.05.2019
    Elephants Park (company: Mason Adventure Tours)
    Рекомендуем этот парк к посещению. Слоны там содержаться в хороших условиях, все чистые, красивые, сама территория парка очень красивая. Мы были в подобных парках в Таиланде и на Бали явно лучше. Детям особенно понравилось, что можно было сидеть на слоне прямо на спине, а не в кресле.
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About payment:

  • booking by prepayment: 18 $/pax
  • you can pay online with VISA, MasterCard, PayPal
  • you can pay by cash in shops Indomaret


  • accident Insurance
  • air-conditioned group transfer
  • full buffet breakfast with a view of the elephant bathing lake in our Park Restaurant
  • elephant wash and elephant bath
  • feeding the elephants and baby elephants
  • elephant education show
  • visit to the museum and Information center
  • free Wi-Fi

Extra charge:

  • surcharges for transfer from remote areas, the amount must be checked with the manager
  • elephant ride service: 250,000 idr - adult ticket; 220,000 idr - children's ticket
  • drinks not included

You bring:

  • camera
  • sunscreen with high SPF
  • additional costs for souvenirs
  • bring bathers or change of clothes

Please note:

  • average tour duration 4 hours
  • children 8+ age
  • children's ticket from 5 - 12 years
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