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  • Matthew O. 16.05.2019
    Batur Sunrise, Transfer (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Loved it all
  • Faruk L. 30.04.2019
    Nusa Penida boat tickets (company: Maruti Express)
    It was efficient, fast, comfortable and decently priced. Wonderful experience.
  • Patricia K. 28.04.2019
    Tour to Gili islands (company: Marina Wisata)
    It was good, Pick up was good and we did not have to que for boat. Hotel was convenient location and a great standard room with a fabulous pool. It was hard to meet the guide, he just randomly found me on the street. I had already found my way to the hotel and dropped off my bags then he spotted he walking on the street. Surely the guide could meet you off the boat immediately ? The guide was helpful and showed me where he Wahana office was and walked me to the snorkeling office to get a ticket. One thing it said on my programmer was that lunch was included, it wasn’t. Boat was delayed on the way back. When I got off the boat I was told it would be 3-4 hours before I would get back to my hotel outside Canngu so I decided I would pay 500k for a private taxi back.
  • Tracey H. 18.04.2019
    Batur Sunrise (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    The guide Maudy was great!! Helping us up and down the hill. Great information. Slowed pace when necessary. Dislike: being picked up too early, other late passengers, then a hotel that was 5mins from me was given a pickup time one hour later. Didn't appreciate sitting in the car park for 40 mins at 1am, to then be told that the person cancelled. The driver has a death with. I created for my life more than once, and for that of all on a scooter in front of us. Crazy dangerous driving -100km/hr on 40km/hr streets, down the mountain, tailgating, bullying scooters and other cars with his horn to move over. Seriously dangerous.
  • Stefan B. 13.04.2019
    Tickets Gili (company: Wahana Gili Ocean)
    We liked the option that we could sit in the upper deck, only problem there was finding a spot.. but if you did find one you would have a lovely view and good music. with the return there was a lot off people waiting, to get on the boat was a little hectic
  • Dean C. 10.04.2019
    Tickets Gili (company: Wahana Gili Ocean)
    The price was fantastic. Service was perfect
  • Marissa G. 09.04.2019
    Batur Sunrise (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    We liked how efficient our guide and driver was. With such an early start it was great to see our guide up the mountain was ready to go and kept the pace how we liked it. Once we got to the top we got a great spot and had some priavacy to enjoy the view. The hike down was slower and hard because of how steep but overall amazing experience.
  • Krupal A. 28.01.2019
    Snorkling (company: Diving Indo)
    The service was exceptional
  • Natalia L. 26.01.2019
    Ijen (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    I think that we could start the tour much later, because, we had lot of free time. In crater it’s impossible to see anything at night, and to stay there longer is impossible because of the smell , so I really missed the opportunity to admire the crater. That a big minus
  • Lucy W. 22.01.2019
    Nusa Penida Tours (company: Marina Wisata)
    It was a great trip we’re you really got to experience the whole island and all its hidden gems. We also got to end it on the beach in Crystal bay to watch the sunset, which was the perfect ending after a long day. The next day, we went snorkeling and saw 5 manga rays. It was one of the best experiences of our lives!

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