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  • Oscar K. 17.09.2022
    Rent car with the driver on Nusa Penida island (perusahaan: Semaya One )
    Tidak suka
    Pathetic contact. Broken English. No show.
  • Tomke Inka F. 16.09.2022
    Komodo (perusahaan: Indonesia tour)
    Tidak suka
    Ok guys we are at the wrong boat and are on Nk Explorer 02 instead of the luxury boat what we have booked called "'navilia". This is a fucking nightmare and i feel like in a tourist trap. You better think about what kind of compensasion you can offer before i will send a bad Review to google and tell this Story!
  • Evelyne T. 03.09.2022
    Rent car with the driver on Nusa Penida island (perusahaan: Semaya One )
    I spent a very good day on Nusa Penida. The driver was great and very nice, I would recommend him.
  • Deanna N. 18.08.2022
    Tickets Gili, Tour to Gili islands (perusahaan: Marina Wisata)
    Good - snorkelling was fun, transportation to pier was on time Bad - boat was 1.5 hours late (understandable but no one communicated with us), no signs indicating where to go, boat ride was EXTREMELY unsafe and no staff checked on guests having panicked attacks and anxiety, hotel was not booked (lucky the owner had an extra room and solved it), snorkelling was not booked and we missed our group tour (the company went out of their way to give us a private tour). The owner of the snorkelling company was informed at 13:06 that we had a tour thanks to the hotel owner… the boat left at 13:00. It was a very unorganized trip and I am grateful for the hotel owner and snorkelling company for being accommodating.
  • Yulia B. 15.08.2022
    Rinjani (perusahaan: Rinjani trekking center)
    That was amazing experience! Everything was organised very well. Our guide Pendy was very caring, understanding and supportive. He always have water for us, telling interesting facts about the Rinjani area and Indonesia. Porters are also great guys, were cooking tasty food and creating very friendly atmosphere. Challenging but incredible views. Totally recommend!
  • Katrina G. 10.08.2022
    Nusa Lembongan tickets (perusahaan: Glory Express)
    Great service, we were very happy with everything.
  • Oleksandra T. 08.08.2022
    Agung (perusahaan: Maps Bali Tour)
    Everything was good organized, guides were nice and structured our group from slowest person to faster so nobody is left behind. That was great as we were moving all together.
  • Margo L. 03.08.2022
    Instagram tour (perusahaan: Maps Bali Tour)
    The tour itself was interesting. Driver is incredible. The trip is adjusted to you. Waterfalls are incredible ?
  • Artem G. 10.07.2022
    Batur Sunrise (perusahaan: Pineh Trekking)
    I like view and weather
  • Channa V. 03.07.2022
    Tour to Gili islands (perusahaan: Marina Wisata)
    We are very satisfied with my balitrip! We scoured the internet for good trips to the Gili Islands and my Bali trip was definitely the cheapest. We had only booked the night before, but despite that everything was well arranged in detail. At the boat we were met by someone from the snorkelling excursion, he brought us to the hotel and told us what time we were expected where. The hotel was great, very clean and a delicious full breakfast!

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