Where to take the best shots for Instagram in Bali?

Bali is one of the most Instagrammable places on the planet. Even if you've never been to the island before, you'll surely recognize the island's landmarks: lush green rice terraces, split gates, majestic views of Mount Agung, and swings soaring over the jungle. Bali is a true paradise for every blogger and photography enthusiast. All of these places are created by nature and harmoniously complemented by humans. They are not only the most photographed but also the most visited. You can't miss them!

Rice terraces

The most impressive ones - Tegallalang, located 20 minutes drive from Ubud and Jatiluwih in Tabanan.

Rice plantations are spread out in giant steps on the hillsides, creating a picturesque scenery. Some of the terraces are more than 1000 years old and are still used for their intended purpose. Depending on the harvest season, the terraces change their appearance. For example, when the rice is just planted, you will see steps filled with water, resembling thousands of mirrors - a fantastic sight! But equally attractive are the fluffy green terraces with mature rice. Paths run between the terraces, which you can stroll along. It is best to come here in the morning or in the evening closer to sunset, when the sun is not so strong.

You can read more about Bali's rice terraces in this article.



Swings over the jungle

They are everywhere in Bali - over rivers, waterfalls, rice terraces. This is a unique way to enjoy the island's picturesque landscapes, capture beautiful shots in a flowing dress, and at the same time experience adrenaline and excitement. Some swings have impressive heights and speeds, which adds an extra edge to the sensations. Often, near the swings, you can find many interesting Instagram-worthy structures - bird nests, hearts, and more.

In this article, we have collected locations where you can "fly" over the most picturesque spaces of Bali.

We have also put together the most photogenic places in Bali into one Instagram tour. In one day, you can cover all the top locations that will allow you to capture the Island of the Gods from all sides.


Split Gates (Candi Bentar)

One of the symbols of Bali, they are everywhere here. But the most Instagrammable ones are located in Pura Lempuyang - one of the oldest and most significant temples in Bali. Lempuyang became widely known thanks to the photo spot "gates to heaven," where a queue of hundreds of tourists lines up every day. Thanks to Balinese photography masters, the illusion is created in the frame that you are floating in the sky. If you're lucky with the weather, and the clouds clear, you can see Mount Agung in the background. It's best to come here early in the morning on a clear day for that. It's worth taking a walk around the complex, as there are 7 temples located on different levels here! And to reach the main sanctuary, you'll have to climb 1500 steps. Are you ready?

We invite you to visit Pura Lempuyang with My Bali Trips as part of the Bali Royal Palaces tour.

Another equally famous gate with picturesque green hills in the background is located at the entrance to the Handara Golf Resort on the north of the island.



The waterfalls of Bali always get a multitude of enthusiastic comments on social media. It's hard to say which one is the most Instagrammable, they are all breathtaking! If you want to take a tempting photo against the backdrop of black steps washed by water, go to the Kanto Lampo waterfall. Or maybe you want to feel like a hero from the movie Avatar - welcome to the highest waterfall on the island - Sekumpul. Very romantic shots can be taken at the Tibumana waterfall, where the water falls into a bowl of blue water in a perfectly smooth flow. It's just a perfectionist's dream!

There are a lot of waterfalls in Bali and they are all different, so it's worth setting aside a separate day to travel around them and be prepared to get wet. On our website, you will find waterfall tours combined by regions of the island.



Volcanoes will not only give you space-like photos but also memories for a lifetime! The most Instagrammable one - Mount Ijen - is not on Bali but on the neighboring island of Java. At dawn, you will be greeted by a beautiful and frightening sight at the same time: Martian landscapes, smoke rising from the crater, yellow pieces of sulfur, and the pearl of Mount Ijen - a blue acid lake in the crater. Put on a respirator, approach the dried-up tree, and take an apocalyptic photo against the background of the poisonous lake.

Learn more about the tour to Mount Ijen.


Nusa Penida

A small island near Bali that attracts bloggers thanks to its stunning turquoise water beaches hidden in picturesque rocks.

Diamond Beach is one of the most Instagrammable beaches in the whole region. To get to the beach itself, you have to go down a long staircase carved into the rock. The beauty begins already on the steps! It's worth stopping here for a striking photoshoot.


T-rex and Kelingking Beach are must-visit places on Nusa Penida. The famous T-rex cliff is named after its shape, resembling a dinosaur head. At the top, there are warungs (small local restaurants) and viewpoints where you can take photos against the backdrop of the cliff and the ocean. If you're up for it, it's worth making the difficult trek down to the secret Kelingking beach. But the path will be quite challenging! You'll have to literally climb down the clay, grabbing onto branches and tree roots. However, at the bottom, you'll find a wide strip of beach with white sand surrounded by cliffs on all sides. The waves here are very high, so swimming is not recommended. But relaxing in the shade of trees, enjoying the views, and patting yourself on the back for overcoming this difficult path is priceless!


Broken Beach is a beach surrounded by cliffs, where water enters through a natural arch in the rock. It's not safe to swim here, and access to the beach itself is not provided. However, you can take spectacular photos against this unusual landmark.

Keep in mind that there is no public transportation on Nusa Penida, so you'll need to rent a scooter or a car with a driver to travel around the island.

In addition, you can book a tour that already includes all the main attractions of the island. We offer a one-day tour to Nusa Penida or you can spend a few days on this exotic island, leisurely exploring every corner of it.

Bali and its surroundings are simply made for Instagram. It's no wonder that many bloggers come here and even stay to live here. In addition to the unique nature, there are plenty of Instagram-worthy villas, cafes, and beach clubs here. Come to the island and indulge your inner aesthete!

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