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This is your chance to feel the magic of Bali, meet genuine Balinese, unfamiliar and living far away from western civilization, discover the fundamentals of Hindu culture and find out why they always smile and do ceremonies so often. Take a journey around the East of the Island of Gods.

Amazing discoveries and stunning locations: day to day life and ceremonies in Tenganan, the authentic thousand-year-old Balinese village, the unique art of double ikat weaving, the Royal water palaces, the magnificent temple in the clouds Pura Lempuyang, the magical Bat Cave and a volcanic black sand beach - are waiting for you. 

Get ready to be in awe!

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  • photo Bali Royal Palaces 1
    Pura Lempuyang temple
  • photo Bali Royal Palaces 2
    Pura Lempuyang temple
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    Tirta Ganga palace
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    Royal palaces of Taman Ujung
  • photo Bali Royal Palaces 5
    Royal palaces of Taman Ujung
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    Goa Lawah
  • photo Bali Royal Palaces 7
    Tirta Ganga palace
  • photo Bali Royal Palaces 8
    Tirta Ganga palace
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    Charly's chocolate factory
  • photo Bali Royal Palaces 10
    Charly's chocolate factory
  • photo Bali Royal Palaces 11
    Charly's chocolate factory

East Bali is marvelous! Only by travelling to northeast Bali you can visit the temple in the coulds, Pura Lempuyang, but to enjoy the beauty of this magical place you need to make an eff - climb 1700 stairs to the temple. 

Later on we will visit the Roayl palaces of Bali with astonishing gardens, fountains, lakes, bridges and amazing views for taking photos and Charly's chocolate factory with palm tree swings and ocean view.
In the end of the trip you can dive into calm waters of the Idian ocean or observe the Goa Lawah temple at sunset. 

Let's conquer together the northeast Bali!

What To Expect

Morning transfer
At the appointed time of the meeting in your hotel/villa will arrive a guide-driver of the transport company Bali Tour. You need to wait for the car at the reception of your hotel or near the villa.

Main itinerary

  • The temple in the clouds, Pura Lempuyang
  • Tirta Gangga
  • Royal palaces of Taman Ujung
  • Goa Lavah
  • Charlie's Chocolate factory or white beaches of the East coast 

Your trip to the East starts with a visit to Pura Lempuyang temple. It is such a gorgeous place that neither rain nor fog will denigrate the beauty of this sacred place. 
Then we will visit the Royal palaces of Taman Ujung and Tirta Gangga, which means 'sacred Ganges river '. The great Raja of Karangasem was fascinated by the elegance of Versailles and in 1948 he built just as beautiful palace: surrounded by plants with numerous magnificent fountains, lakes and golden carp. Next we will visit Taman Ujung, you will feel as if you were in the legendary Kingdom of Majapahit.
Our next point is a truly wonderful place - Charlie's Chocolate factory. Elves houses, swings among palm trees and, of course, a lot of delicious chocolate.
If we have free time, we can go to not crowded white beaches of the East coast or to the cave of the bats Goa Lava, where at sunset you will see thousands of bats in the sky. Open your soul and the East will tell you the Balinese secret of happiness and its simple attitude to life.

Return transfer
You will return to your hotel or villa at around 5-6 pm. The exact time of arrival depends on the traffic and the remoteness of your hotel.


  • Anna 25.11.2019
    East tours (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Heaven’s gate Pura Lempuyang is a definitely must see temple here in Bali. Been here a couple of times in my life and it’s still great to be here to see the temple with the mighty Gunung Agung at the back of the gates.
  • Michel 14.11.2019
    East tours (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Amazing places to visit. Not a fan of the winding hill drive to get there, but that's just me :) There were quite a few people who struggled with the many steps but I enjoyed the hike and final destination. Couldn't afford to wait hour for a photo at the gates Pura Lempuyang even though we arrived
  • Tina 12.11.2019
    East tours (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    I did not expect to enjoy this as much as I did. The grounds Tirta Gangga were exceptionally tidy and although we felt a little inundated by all the sellers as we arrived, once inside it was our own perfect paradise. We visited on a rather busy day but never felt squished, rushed or in a hurry to move on. Great place to take some photos and enjoy the sunshine. Can't wait to take my kids back here!
  • Petro 18.09.2019
    East tours (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Started our day early morning to visit Lempuyang temple from Seminyak. It was about a 2.5 hour drive, when we arrived the place. You are allowed to bring your own sarong as they must be worn. We only waited 1.5 hours for our turn, but explored the area nearby while waiting. It was also fun watching people pose for their photos. You need to give the photographer a little extra and he will reward you with an abundance of great shots. A fun but exhausting day out. Well worth a visit.
  • Karen B. 09.10.2022
    East tours (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Все супер. Очень красивые места. Единственно очередь в первом храме не понравилась. Остальное супер.
  • Anna K. 01.02.2020
    Transfer, East tours (company: Bali tours)
    Поездка, была не утомительной и очень интересной. Гид Edo, очень интересно провел экскурсию. Трансфер комфортный. Вся экскурсия охватила обещанные места в описании. Рекомендуем!
  • Olesia T. 25.12.2019
    Transfer, East tours (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Очень понравился гид) всё прошло спокойно тёщ приключений ! Увидели всё что хотели)
  • Tatiana K. 17.12.2019
    East tours (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Прекрасная программа! Ничего лишнего. Храм Лемпуянг очень красивый, и, если не лень, не пожалейте времени и сил, обойдите все 6 храмов и поднимитесь к верхнему 1700 ступенек. По пути открывается отличный вид на вулкан. Идти не запредельно тяжело, так как дорога проложена по лесу и вы поднимаетесь не по жаре. Не ограничивайтесь первым храмом и фото с воротами :) У нас весь маршрут занял около 3,5 часов. Далее водные дворцы, очень симпатичные, особенно Таман Уджунг. Очень интересная планировка, много уголков для отличных фото. И, напоследок, пляж с черными камнями и храм-пещера Гоа Лавах с летучими мышами :) На шоколадную фабрику решили времени не тратить, но заехали в магазин POD, и тоже не пожалели! Цены ниже, чем в супермаркете, все можно попробовать. Какао бобы в шоколаде и шоколад с морской солью - просто бомба! Прекрасная программа, прекрасный водитель.
  • Yury B. 13.10.2019
    East tours (company: Maps Bali Tour)
    Все было супер!!! Спасибо гиду, за терпение )))
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Extra charge:

  • food and souvenirs

You bring:

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  • long-sleeve shirt
  • hat
  • drinking water
  • snack

Please note:

  • the tour starts at 8am and ends at 6pm
  • average tour duration 8-10 hours
  • children under the age of 2 travel free of charge
  • child fares (ages 3 - 12)
  • due to the large number of tourists to Lempuyang Temple, your waiting in line for photographing can take more than 2 hours
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