What is the best time to visit Bali?

There is no bad weather in Bali. You can always find things to do and places to visit here. If you ask, what are the best months to travel to Bali, the answer is very simple: always! Bali is located near the equator. The climate is a mix of two types, equatorial and monsoon, and the temperature holds all the year on the same level. The sun rises around 6 A.M. and sets around 6 P.M. all year long, and the water is 27-30 degrees Celsius. Summer lasts 365 days, and Bali tourist season is all the year around. Meanwhile, the weather in Bali in January and in July is different. It depends on the season. There are two seasons in Bali instead of four: the dry season goes from April to October, and the rainy season goes from November to March.

In comparison to other countries in Southeast Asia the rainy season in Bali is mild and comfortable. The weather in this period is hot and the humidity is high. It rains not every day. Tropical rain starts instantly and falls for half an hour or an hour, then the sun comes back and everything dries up immediately and life comes back to its normal pace. The weather in the dry season is nice, when the breeze blows and the skin becomes more gold.

We split the Balinese year into more habitual four seasons to see, how the weather changes and what’s better to do in each season.

March – April – May

The dry season starts in this period. It rains less, and the temperature during the day stays high. March is one of the hottest months on the island, that's why you should take care in the midday, not to get sunburn. At the end of March you have a chance to celebrate another New Year – Balinese Nyepi or “Day of Silence”. On this day it’s not allowed to go out, to light a fire or to use mobiles. But there’s no reason for being upset – you can stay on your own, meditate and recharge yourself with the energy of this amazing place. Just try, Day of Silence is worth it.

There aren’t many tourists in March and April, so if you are keen on off season, it's the best option. The beaches are clear and the water in the ocean is warm. This is a perfect time to take up surfing in Kuta or Canggu, to go diving or snorkeling in the lagoon at Nusa Penida Island or explore coral riffs at the coast of Bali.

There are almost no rains in May, and the water is still warm. If you’re planning to go to Bali on Russian May holidays, keep in mind, that many Russian tourists come in this period, and the main touristic spots are busy. If you are looking for more privacy, go to Central Bali, Ubud, and to the North of the island – you will find a lot of amazing things there. From the second half of the month the touristic flow turns low.

Surfing in Bali Diving in Bali

June – July – August

This is the top of dry season and there's almost no rain. If you’re not a big fan of hot weather, come to Bali in these months. The temperature during the day is around 28 degrees Celsius, the gentle breeze blows, and there is almost no humidity and heat unlike winter season. If you walk in the evening or ride a scooter you can even feel like wearing a jacket. The water in the ocean is cool, so you might need a light diving suit. Though waves are perfect to take the full surfing course and to win the waves with your board.

July-August are the peak of the tourist season, and you should book tickets, accommodation, and scooter in advance. Excursions and tours is also good to book beforehand. This is the perfect time to climb the top of mysterious Mount Batur and take some wonderful pictures of the sunrise there. You trek at the top of 1717 meter above the sea, but if the weather is rainy or foggy, you won't have a chance to enjoy a stunning view that opens there. But in summer there's nothing to worry about, you will climb the mountain and see one of the most wonderful sunrise in your entire life! The view of the mountains around, the Kintamani village, and Lake Batur in the morning fog are fascinating. Breakfast at the volcano is an additional bonus. The guide will serve you steamed eggs, cooked right there in the fine weather. Probably you might not find such delicious food anywhere else!

Batur Agyng

September – October – November

In the autumn the dry season slowly changes into rainy one. In September and October the weather mostly remains the same as in summer. The humidity is low. Unlike June-August the water in the ocean is very warm. You can surf on the spots in Kuta, Canggu or Uluwatu – and you don’t need diving suit for that. Another positive thing is that there is far fewer tourists, and it’s much easier to find an accommodation or to rent a scooter. The main touristic locations are free, so you have all chances to take beautiful pictures of Tanah Lot Temple or Tegallalang Rice Terraces. In October it might rain a couple of days, and in November it rains much more often. The air gets wetter.

If you would like to go to the neighboring islands, such as Nusa Penida, Gili or Lembongan, it's better to do it in autumn. You can do it in a calm way, without bustling tourist groups, and enjoy the meditative nature of this wonderful place and relax on the whitesand beaches. You will get amazing experience!

Gili Nusa Penida

December – January – February

If you’re wondering what rainy season is, come to Bali in winter. It starts raining in December and gradually stops in the end of February – the beginning of March. Though it rains not every day. Usually the clouds gather in the second half of the day. It rains for half an hour or an hour, and then the sun comes back and everything dries up immediately. But even if you are caught in the rain, it won't disappoint you. As the weather in this period is hot, such a tropical shower is a fun attraction for tourists. December is considered as a Russian season. People who love warm countries come to celebrate New Year with an ocean view. Along all the Bali coast there are fireworks from December, 31 to January, 1. People celebrate New Year in cafes and restaurants on the beach, and have fun until dawn.

Winter is a perfect time to go to the Rice Terraces in Tegallalang or to Hidden Canyon. The fields get bright green, very intense, unusual color, and the canyons and rivers are filledl with water. If you would like to see how nature looks in the rainy season, go to the Central part of the island or to the North.

Rice Terraces Rice Terraces

Bali surprise you all the year with amazing landscapes, powerful jungles, and ancient temples. Just the direction of the wind changes. Though it's good, as in any season you have a chance to go parasailing above the island in different directions and see all these wonders from the clouds.

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