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We at work very hard to offer quality service for tours and entertainment in Bali. Over the last several years, we have organised an unforgettable vacation for more than 60,000 tourists.

Every day our partners - bloggers, owners of websites, group admins on social media, travel agents and many others - work and earn with us. Since we are interested in our partners earning more, we analysed our statistics and prepared this article on how to earn more with the affiliate program.

Let's start with product information:

These products are best sellers as many tourists include these tours in their “must-see in Bali” list.

TOP products with the highest affiliate commission:

  1. Yachts (commission from $70 to $250 per sale)
  2. Helicopter flights (commission from $43 to $160 per sale)
  3. Sea cruise on "Rising" boat (commission from $35- $48 per sale)

These products are in the luxury segment. Think about whether such products would suit your audience. For sure, the temptation to earn more at once is very big, but you need to understand that these products sell less frequently.

Who can earn with travel affiliate programs?

There is an opinion that affiliate programs are only suitable for owners of large websites, blogs or other resources. In fact, if you actively communicate on travel forums, in chat rooms, social networks and in comments on Youtube, an appropriately published affiliate link can bring you a good income.

Travel bloggers on Instagram can receive additional income by placing affiliate links in their stories.

Always look for different opportunities to earn and do not limit yourself!

How to start earning?

Firstly, it is important to assess the resources you have and select the most appropriate partner tools.

The correct application of each tool will help you bring the maximum number of people to purchase the products.

At the moment we offer:

  • Affiliate links. Links are suitable for posting on forums, blogs, chat rooms, Instagram stories and comments on Youtube. This is the easiest and the fastest tool to start earning.
  • Banners are great for website or blog sidebars. Narrow horizontal banners work well when placed at the beginning and at the end of a large feature article.
  • Buttons. Surprisingly, buttons show a very good conversion rate. This tool is undeservedly neglected by many. Below we describe how to effectively use buttons for your resource.
  • Widgets. This is one of the most effective tools. Ideal for large feature articles.

How to use advertising tools correctly?

It is very important to use links, banners, widgets and buttons effectively. A well-placed link or banner can bring you a good income, and a wrong one can bring you nothing, even with a large flow of traffic. This is a very subtle point in which the analysis and understanding of your audience is crucially important.

Now we will give a number of general examples and recommendations on how to use the advertising tools of our affiliate program. These conclusions are based on the statistics and analytics of our partners.

  1. It is very important to place your links appropriately.

    If you post links on forums or social media, do not spam. You need to post specific links in response to specific requests.

    Example: you see that on the forum, in a chat room or in a group a user asks about a particular product. “Where is the best place to buy tickets to Gili?” or “I want to climb Ijen, with whom should I go?”
    In this case, the most effective response to the conversion would be to post your affiliate link to specific products - “Tickets to Gili” and “Climb the Ijen Volcano”.

  2. Post links along with your commentary.

    If you post a link in your blog or on a forum, use simple accompanying phrases such as “I advise you to buy from here” or “I recommend this company”.
    Conversion rate will be much higher if you are the “opinion leader” of your audience: your recommendation will have a positive effect on sales and, accordingly, on your earnings.

    Below are some examples of well-designed affiliate links.

  3. Important advice that should not be neglected: write specific requests in your links..

    That is, do not just write “Read all about Bali here,” but be more specific - “Bali Tours”, “Book a Bali Transfer,” etc. In the first case the request is very generic. There may be a lot of traffic on it, but the conversion will be small, because the query “All about Bali” is very non-specific.
    Therefore, we recommend to put a link with a text you have thought about.

    An example of a very well-placed link: a specific service and a personal recommendation with useful information.

  4. Buttons are very effective if they are placed in large review articles on tours and entertainment.

    A button is a call to action, an element that stands out and attracts attention, but is not yet “an eyesore”, as banners are.

    These example is successful because the button is placed after the description of the trip itself, thereby encouraging the reader to go and book this tour. You get the highest conversion when your audience is inspired by the read materials and “wants the same”.

  5. Post widgets in large articles.

    Widgets have long been recognised as one of the most effective affiliate program tools. They are usually placed in the middle and at the end of large feature articles. Widgets attract attention and provide up-to-date product information and a call to action.

    A big advantage of our widgets is that you get to choose the products for display, focusing specifically on the audience of your resource.

  6. Experiment and analyse.

    To fully understand which banners, buttons or links show best results, be sure to collect statistics. In our affiliate program, you can put a tag for each link to track its effectiveness.

    Instructions on the correct placement of tags in affiliate links can be found in our FAQ..

    In the personal Partner Account, in the "Reports" section, you can track which links or tools are currently active. Set tags for your various resources, if you have a lot of them, and tag differentially located banners or buttons.
    Do not be afraid to check how effective are different placements of advertising materials on your resource.

  7. Actively offer airport transfers.

    A transfer from Bali Airport is another "secret" tool to increase sales. We made this high-quality product as affordable as possible. By ordering a transfer to Bali through us and receiving a quality service, the client will definitely buy more tours and entertainment in Bali and you will receive your affiliate commission. That is because we have 90 days of cookies (you get commission for all completed purchases of your client within 3 months of first visit).

  8. Attract the attention of your audience with our discount promotions.

    We regularly hold promotions with discounts on various products. All our partners use this opportunity to give a discount on their resources.

    A sale is an excellent reason to remind your audience about a service or a tour, to make a post and to attract attention.

How much can you earn with the tourist program?

At the end of 2018, we announced that over the last 6 months of the past year we paid our partners more than $16 000 in commission. We believe that this is a good result for a small local affiliate program.

At the moment our main partners earn more than $400 per month. Average payments fluctuate around $160.

Sign up and start making money with us right now!

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