How to arrive to Bali in 2022

UPDATE: Since September 2022 86 Nationalities can obtain a VoA, neither PCR test nor carantine are needed

UPDATE: Since March 2022 quarantine has been canceled in Bali.


It seems COVID-19 is leaving and several countries relaxed and even canceled their restrictions. Luckily, Bali is not an exception. Bali is ready to welcome tourists!

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Visa on Arrival is back

Since 6 April 2022 Visa On Arrival (VoA) is available for 86 nationalities, if they arrive directly in Bali *(Full list of countries is in the end of the article). 


How to get a VoA:

  • No need to do anything in your home country
  • Passport must be valid at least 6 months
  • Take a queue at VoA Counter in International Airport Ngurah Rai (e.g. DPS Denpasar) in the Arrival hall (before going to immigration counters)
  • Pay $35 (or IDR 500,000)
  • Provide return ticket or ticket to continue traveling to other country
  • Go to immigration counter and show your passport with the receipt (there is a separate queue for VoA, which is faster!)

Can I enter Bali if my country is not on the list?

If your country is not on this list, you are not allowed to enter with a VoA. But you still can arrive in Bali with another type of visa.

  • Apply for tourist or business visa B211 in advance in your home country or other country outside Indonesia

  • Single-entry eVisa B211 is valid for 60 days and can be extended 2-times in 60 days each time. The date of issue is the first day the visa is valid

  • Visa application is submitted online, which means you don’t need to visit the embassy

  • For visa application, you need to provide 2 doses vaccination certificate. Indonesia recognizes all available vaccines in the world

  • After getting your visa, you can buy a ticket directly to Bali. Get a return ticket or ticket to a third country. For a B211A visa, a ticket is required no later than 59 days after entering Indonesia

For visa processing, we recommend the trusted agency Legal Indonesia. Legal Indonesia contacts: WhatsApp +62 81 796 7777 1
Telegram - @legalindonesia

Standard visa preparation time - 10 working days, urgently - 5 working days. Price is starting from $250. The company undertakes the execution of a full package of documents, pays the consular fee and all administrative fees. You don’t have to pay anything more at the airport upon arrival.

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What are current COVID requirements in Bali?

  • You should have a complete vaccination certificate (14 days after full vaccination). he vaccination certificate must be in English and in the language of the country where you were vaccinated. Any vaccine is valid. There is no maximum limit for a vaccination certificate in Indonesia.
  • If there are any symptoms of COVID-19 or body temperature is above 37.5 degrees, you must undergo PCR test upon arrival.
  • Kids below 18 years old follow the vaccination status of their parents.

  • Peduli Lindungi application installed on your phone. You should register in it.

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What is a current COVID situation in Bali?

The coronavirus situation in Bali is stable. The WHO has not officially banned travel in Southeast Asia. Restaurants, cafes, hotels, clubs, supermarkets are open. Live music concerts and parties are held. New cafés and restaurants are opening.

Shopping malls are allowed in compliance with health protocols (checking the vaccination certificate at the entrance). 

For local air travel, land and sea trips to and from Bali a full vaccination certificate is required. With booster vaccination - no PCR tests or antigen required. With one dose vaccination - PCR test is needed. For kids under 6 years old PCR test is not needed. 

*The list of nationalities that can obtain a VoA (last update -  September 2022)

1. Albania 30. Greece 59. Poland
2. Andorra 31. Hong Kong 60. Portugal
3. Argentina 32. Hungary 61. Qatar
4. Australia 33. Iceland 62. Romania
5. Austria 34. India 63. Russia
6. Bahrain 35. Ireland 64. San Marina
7. Belarus 36. Italy 65. Saudi Arabia
8. Belgium 37. Japan 66. Serbian
9. Bosnia and Herzegovina 38. Jordan 67. Seychelles
10. Brazil 39. Kuwait 68. Singapore
11. Brunei Darussalam 40. Laos 69. Slovakia
12. Bulgaria 41. Latvia 70. Slovenia
13. Cambodia 42. Liechtenstein 71. Spain
14. Canada 43. Lithuania 72. South Africa
15. China 44. Luxembourg 73. South Korea
16. Chile 45. Malaysia 74. Suriname
17. Colombia 46. Maldives 75. Sweden
18. Croatia 47. Malta 76. Switzerland
19. Cyprus 48. Mexico 77. Taiwan
20. Czech 49. Monaco 78. Thailand
21. Denmark 50. Morocco 79. Tunisia
22. East Timor 51. Myanmar 80. Turkey
23. Ecuador 52. Netherlands 81. UAE
24. Egypt 53. New Zealand 82. Ukraine
25. England 54. Norway 83. United States of America
26. Estonia 55. Oman 84. Uzbekistan
27. Finland 56. Palestine 85. Vatican
28. France 57. Peru 86. Vietnam
29. Germany 58. Philippines  

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