Romantic Date Ideas in Bali

You are very lucky if you have the opportunity to spend February 14th or March 8th on Bali with your significant other! This paradise island is created for romance, beautiful surprises, and serious intentions.

In anticipation of Valentine's Day and International Women's Day, we will guide you on how to make your holiday on this enchanting island unforgettable, express your feelings in an original way, or even make a proposal of marriage.

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Romantic Candellight Dinner

We offer not just inviting your loved one to a restaurant but arranging an exclusive candlelit dinner in an unusual location on the island, where the entire atmosphere will be created just for you and saturated with romance. You can savor exquisite dishes on a secluded terrace overlooking the tropical jungles in Ubud or choose dinner on the beach in a cave with soft lighting and a sandy floor. And if you prefer romance with the sound of the waves, then a dinner in a pavilion by the ocean is ideal for you.

Explore our offerings here.

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Helicopter Flight Over the Island

A helicopter flight will unveil exhilarating views not accessible to everyone, providing a completely new experience. Soar above the rugged cliffs of Uluwatu, fly around Bali's tallest statue - Garuda Vishnu, admire the green expanses of rice terraces, or peer into the caldera of a volcano. You have the flexibility to customize the route and duration according to your preferences. If you decide to make a marriage proposal in the sky over Bali, our team will gladly assist you in preparing a surprise: specifically for you, we'll arrange cherished words on the ground, and all you need to do is express them in the air.

Choose your route on our website.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

Embrace the sunrise or sunset as you ascend in a hot air balloon above the expanses of Bali. Rise to an altitude of 50 meters and float over rice terraces, villages, and jungles, enjoying beautiful island panoramas in the warm sunlight. Depending on your chosen time of day, a delicious breakfast or dinner will be served right on the rice fields after the flight. A professional photographer will capture all the most touching moments of your romantic rendezvous.

Learn more and choose your package here.

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Honeymoon Getaway

Indulge in a romantic weekend at a luxurious hotel in the heart of Bali. Our exclusive "Honeymoon Getaway" program offers two accommodation options for you to choose from: Ayung Resort Ubud, where you'll have your private villa with a pool, or the deluxe room at Tanah Gajah hotel. The program includes a hot air balloon ride, a romantic dinner, spa treatments, and one night's stay at the hotel.

Choose your program here.

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SPA Programs

Treat your body to true bliss. SPA in Bali is not just a massage but an entire culture of relaxation and rejuvenation, consisting of ancient rituals and body knowledge passed down through generations. SPA centers offer a vast array of programs ranging from traditional Balinese massages to various scrubs and floral baths.

Choose your SPA center and program here.

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Romantic Yacht Cruise

Invite your significant other to a yacht cruise and experience an incredible sense of freedom.

Witness the sunset amid endless waters, savoring the solitude and an atmosphere of unparalleled romance. Throughout this captivating journey, you and your partner will be embraced by luxury and comfort, sailing through bays and lagoons under the starlit sky.

A professional crew will ensure that your voyage is as comfortable as possible.

Yacht rental cost starts from $735.

Explore all yacht options here.

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Gili Islands

Forget about everyday worries and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a pure paradise, offering unique moments of closeness and breathtaking landscapes. The three Gili Islands are an excellent destination for those who want to spend time with their loved one in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Spend the weekend on pristine beaches, enjoying the soft sand under your feet and crystal-clear waters around. Embrace sunsets in the arms of your beloved, creating delightful memories. Take a bike and explore the island, swim with turtles, and dive underwater to the famous "Nest" statues.

On our website, you can choose and book a tour to the Gili Islands or purchase tickets for speedboats from Bali.

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Night Among Wildlife

Imagine sipping delicious coffee on the terrace of your bungalow in the morning while zebras, giraffes, and hippos roam nearby. In Bali, there are many unique hotels, but this one, located within the Bali Safari & Marine Park, is perhaps the most extraordinary.

Here, you can spend a night in the heart of the park, observing African animals up close. An excellent idea for a romantic getaway!

The package includes accommodation, breakfast in the lion's den restaurant, and a safari bus tour through the park.

Learn more about the STAY in SAFARI program here.

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Компания MyBaliTrips поможет вам сделать ваш день незабываемым и отправит вас в романтическое путешествие, которое укрепит ваши чувства и даст возможность насладиться общением друг с другом в самых прекрасных уголках райского острова Бали.

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