North of the Island: The best Bali Attractions

Bali is an amazing place with special vibes. Here you’ll get a new feel of being connected with nature and its active, dynamic rhythms on the south and meditative, steady on the north.

The power of the ocean will give energy to travellers on the coast. But when you start exploring the island and move to the central area of it and forward to the north, you will be surprised, how much nature, lifestyle and atmosphere is different. You will feel the «magic» of the island and understand why everyone wants to come back here.

Walk along Jatiluwih rice terraces. Huge green fields spread at the root of a mysterious mountain Batukaru, always surrounded with fog. Another mystic legend of Bali is nearby – lake Bratan and one of the most important water temples of the island Ulun Danu. At the view point above lake Buyan you can take photos on the swing that wheel along mountains and incredible forests. Swim in the fresh streams of Banyumala Twin Waterfalls. And surely don't forget to take photos at the flying upward oriental Balinese gate in Handara Kosaido village.

Keep the most beautiful views of Bali not only in your memories, but also in stunning photos. You can see the list of one of the best places in Bali for photographers and tourists.

Jatiluwih rice terraces

Jatiluwih rice terraces of the central part of the island are a symbol of Bali. You will be delighted with the view of huge green fields and foggy mountains. The terraces itself are specially designed stairs where farmers grow three sorts of rice: white, red and black. The vehicles can't ride on tiny paths, so buffalos plow the soil. Balinese people use the irrigation system which was invented by their forefathers thousands years ago. It is called «subak». It’s a chain of dams, uliginous waterfalls and channels that deliver water from the mountains to the fields. Some of them lie at the 40-meter depth and are 3 kilometers long. In 2012 «subak» was included in UNESCO World Heritage list. The community of the several thousands of farmers take care of water dispense equally to all fields of Bali. It is called «subak» as well. Several hundred of farmers work on the terraces during the year. On holidays and ceremonies that take place here farmers pray for good harvest to gods. Take a walk through the tiny paths in huge fields and watch the work of the farmers, then relax in one of the local cafes – warungs and for sure take one of the fresh harvested rice.

Jatiluwih rice terraces Jatiluwih rice terraces

Lake Bratan

Lake Bratan is located in the heart of the island – it is the main source of fresh water in Bali. It is located on 1200-meter height above the sea-level at the foot of Tapak mountain. Eruption of a huge volcano changed the surface of this area thousands years ago and 3 lakes appeared there: Bratan, Buyan and Tamblingan. Lake Bratan is quite a big one – around 2 kilometers long and wide, but it's shallow – around 35-meter depth. Its name means «the lake of a sacred mountain». According to the legend, if you swim in its waters you’ll get youth and vivacity.

Ulun Danu Temple

Ulun Danu Temple is located on the shore of the lake – it's one of the Bali's water temples and spiritual centers. The locals built it in 1663 to honor Devi Danu, the Goddness of the lake. Its towers with many steps seem to float above the water – this optical illusion looks amazing in photos. Visitors can walk in the forecourt, but it's not allowed to step in the middle part of the temple and to the most sacred area. People bring here gifts and treats for Gods everyday, they pray for the soil fertility and ask for protection. Special ceremonies take place at the full moon, new moon and sacred Hindu holidays.

Ulun Danu Temple Ulun Danu Temple

North photopoint Wanagiri Hidden Hills

North photopoint Wanagiri Hidden Hills is located above lakes Buyan and Tamblingan. For sure you have seen unusual, romantic photos on swings. If you like this creative idea, the best shots in «Bali swings» style you can take here! You can see a view on lakes surrounded by mountains from the top of the hill. Extreme lovers will like this photosession most of all. Swings are fixed on a very big height, there is no safety net, and you flow over amazingly beautiful landscape! You will get great impressions and wonderful photos. There is also a bamboo bridge, tree houses, net-shaped swings, and even Indonesian copy of the Eiffel Tower. Grab your camera, take photos and post amazing pictures on social media sites!

Wanagiri Hidden Hills Wanagiri Hidden Hills

Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

Banyumala Twin Waterfalls is hidden in the tropical woods not far from the lake. According to its name bathing in its waters will heal you from sins and bad vibes. Banyumala is a cascade waterfall around 40 meters high with two main powerful streams from the mountains. Downstairs they form a round pool with clear crystal water. If you are doing yoga or meditation this is a perfect place for practice. It's a quiet place where you can hear just sounds of water and woods. You have everything to concentrate here. The temperature of the water in the pool is comfortable. Even if you can’t swim, you should try it. After refreshing you can go on with your trip!

Banyumala Twin Waterfalls Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

Gate in the village Handara Kosaido

Make a stop at one of the main north photopoints – gate in the village Handara Kosaido. High oriental gates in Balinese style are located in front of the golf court. Behind them reveals a wonderful mountain view. Take a few shots to top off your Instagram.

Handara Kosaido Handara Kosaido

Go to explore amazing places in the north of Bali and feel the magic of the island. Recharge yourself with its energy. Amazing experience and wonderful photos are waiting for you!

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