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Surfing is a lifestyle. Salty wind, beautiful Balinese sun, the sound of the ocean, crest of waves, and in the distance - the lineup, your best wave. Are you ready for a surf adventure?
We are a close-knit surf team of the Surf Season school, which has been passionate about surfing for more than 10 years. With us, you will learn how to surf: catch your first wave, find out how to 'read' the waves and learn about safety in the ocean. Instructors of the Surf Season school carefully select spots for training every day, as your safety and comfort are important concerns for us.

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Fri, 24 May
from 600k idr
Sat, 25 May
from 600k idr
Sun, 26 May
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Mon, 27 May
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Tue, 28 May
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Wed, 29 May
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Thu, 30 May
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Fri, 31 May
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Ticket Surf school Rating Price
Group surfing 1 lesson Surf school:
600 000 idr
600 000 idr Details Book
Group surfing 3 lessons Surf school:
1 725 000 idr
1 725 000 idr Details Book
Individual 1 surfing lesson Surf school:
1 200 000 idr
1 200 000 idr Details Book
Individual surfing lesson for 2 persons Surf school:
900 000 idr
900 000 idr Details Book
* The discount could be applied for organized groups.

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TOTAL 600 000 IDR

Chosen:Group surfing 1 lesson

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What To Expect

At the appointed time you will be picked up by the transfer and taken to the school, where you will have your first lesson. The school will provide all the necessary equipment: surfboards, lycra and leggings/shorts, sunscreen and surf zinc.

The first part of the lesson (about 30-40 minutes) includes instruction on the basic theory of surfing and safety in the ocean with practical elements on the beach.

The second part of the lesson (about 1 hour 20 minutes - 1 hour 30 minutes) takes place in the ocean, where you learn and practice the elements of surfing techniques. An attentive instructor quickly corrects your mistakes, helping to catch the best waves. The first classes are held in shallow water, and after a couple of lessons, we move into the lineup to catch your wave. The entire time the photographer catches the best moments of your surfing.
After the lesson in the ocean, we take a fresh shower, make a photo analysis of mistakes and find individual solutions.

The company wishes you good lessons at Surf Season school!

Cancellation Policy

  • We give a refund for the service retaining 10% of the payment amount, if the customer makes the cancellation at least 48 hours before the event starts or if there is an official document from the hospital.
  • Refunds are made at the exchange rate set by the Bank of Indonesia on the day of payment.
  • We give a full refund in case the provider can't render the service.
  • We review the issue of a refund up to 5 calendar days from the date of costumer's application.
  • We provide a refund within 14 calendar days from the date of costumer's application. Refunds are made at the exchange rate that was on the day the funds were credited to the account.

About payment:

  • payment on the website or in cash on a trip
  • you can pay online with VISA, MasterCard, PayPal
  • you can pay by cash in shops Alfamart

The tour includes:

  • round trip transfer for areas: Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak
  • equipment
  • insurance
  • towel, drinking water
  • photo analysis
  • reef booties
  • sunscreen/ surf zinc
  • all photos for free

Extra charge:

  • transfer from remote areas

You bring:

  • swimsuit
  • money for additional expenses

Please note:

  • for people with average physical abilities
  • 1 instructor per group of 3-5 people
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