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Welcome aboard the luxury catamaran Aneecha, combining tradition and modernity, sensual curves and technology of the highest class. The two-masted yacht with a length of 23 meters is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable cruises under sail. On the upper deck there is an outdoor seating area with comfortable pillows, offering stunning views of the ocean. The spacious cool salon on the stern with a bar is protected from the sun and is suitable for a secluded holiday.

On this one-day trip, you will swim with a mask surrounded by colorful fish and corals, visit a traditional village where there is a seaweed farm, and get to the natural fountain “Devil's Tear”, where ocean waves crash against the rocky shores.

The yacht docks at the Beach Club right on the beach of Lembongan Island. Here you will find a buffet and refreshing drinks, relaxing by the pool and spectacular views of the volcanoes of Bali.

Another highlight of the tour will be banana riding. Don't miss your chance to enjoy an amazing sea voyage on Aneecha yacht!

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One day cruise on Aneecha yachtOne-day cruise every Wednesday and Saturday Company:
Aneecha Cruise
1 750 000 idr
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* The discount could be applied for organized groups only from one address for pick up and drop off.

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    Seaweed farm
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    “Devil's Tear”
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What To Expect

Morning transfer

By the time of the meeting, the driver of the Maps Bali Tour transport company will arrive at your hotel or villa. You need to wait for the car at the hotel reception or at the entrance to the villa.

At 08:00 in the morning, the yacht departs to meet adventures to the island of Nusa Lembongan. The journey time is about an hour.

Cruise program

After boarding the yacht, coffee, tea and fruit are waiting for you on board. The journey to Nusa Lembongan Island will take about an hour.

The yacht docks near the Beach Club on the beach of Lembongan Island. Here you will find a buffet and refreshing drinks, relaxing by the pool and spectacular views of the volcanoes of Bali.

Then all the passengers of the yacht are divided into two groups. First you will go snorkeling to the picturesque coral reefs, then on a tour of the island, where you will visit a seaweed farm. The program also includes a walk to the natural fountain “Devil's Tear” (Devil's Tear) and a banana ride.

By 16:00 pm, the yacht will arrive in Bali. The exact time of arrival depends on weather and sea conditions.


  • Victor 28.01.2023
    Yacht (company: Aneecha Cruise)
    The highlight of the tour is the yacht. It’s gorgeous and very beautiful. Also really liked the program. Nusa Penida is definitely worth visiting and the snorkling on the nearby spots is great
  • Vincent 25.01.2023
    Yacht (company: Aneecha Cruise)
    Excellent organization. We were divided into two groups so it felt comfortable. Instructors and guides were all very friendly. Excellent snorkeling spots with lots of fish and corals. The managers were always in touch and answered questions before the tour. Recommendation
  • Юлия 25.01.2023
    Yacht (company: Aneecha Cruise)
    Ездили с мужем перезагрузиться на денек. Тур очень насыщенный. Понравился снорклинг и ферма водорослей. Яхта очень красивая, всюду пуфики, где можно расслабиться, есть зона в тени, чтобы от солнца спрятаться. Рекомендуем
  • Sam 24.01.2023
    Yacht (company: Aneecha Cruise)
    Great tour, cool stylish yacht and good organization.
  • Artem A. 13.08.2023
    Yacht (company: Aneecha Cruise)
    Понравилось все. Водитель приехал вовремя, отвез в порт, помог получить браслеты. На яхте встретили с улыбкой, приветственными напитками и закусками. Все время спрашивали все ли хорошо. Снорклинг был крутым, видели много разных рыб. Советую, своих денег стоит.
  • Khen Y. 14.07.2023
    Yacht (company: Aneecha Cruise)
    Очень понравился тут от самого начала до конца. Яхта была красивая, чистая, мы получили большое удовольствие! Тур разнообразный, сноркоинг, прогулка на яхте, вкусный обед … это стоит того! Спасибо
  • Саша 27.01.2023
    Yacht (company: Aneecha Cruise)
    Отличный тур! Тут тебе и люксовая яхта, и обед, и снорклинг, и полноценный тур по острову. Полностью стоит своих денег. Особое спасибо персоналу, все приветливые и внимательные
  • Алла 23.01.2023
    Yacht (company: Aneecha Cruise)
    Потрясающий тур! Яхта очень красивая и комфортная. Очень понравилась сетка, которая натянута между частями катамарана, можно позагорать, чувствуя под собой волны. Очень приятный персонал, все дружелюбные. В программе понравился снорклинг, увидели множество разноцветных рыб, морских ежей и прочих морских жителей.
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Cancellation Policy

  • We give a refund for the service retaining 10% of the payment amount, if the customer makes the cancellation at least 48 hours before the event starts or if there is an official document from the hospital.
  • Refunds are made at the exchange rate set by the Bank of Indonesia on the day of payment.
  • We give a full refund in case the provider can't render the service.
  • We review the issue of a refund up to 5 calendar days from the date of costumer's application.
  • We provide a refund within 14 calendar days from the date of costumer's application.

About payment:

  • booking by prepayment: 1 750 000 idr/pax
  • you can pay online with VISA, MasterCard, PayPal
  • you can pay by cash in shops Alfamart

The tour includes:

  • transfer from south district
  • light snacks, tea, and coffee on the yacht
  • lunch: buffet at the Beach Club
  • banana riding
  • snorkeling
  • seaweed farm
  • Devil’s Tear
  • insurance

Not included:

  • surcharge for transfer from remote areas
  • food and drinks not included in the buffet menu

Bring along:

  • swimsuit/ swimming trunks / shorts
  • sunscreen with a high protection
  • hat
  • towel

Please note:

  • if necessary take pills for motion sickness before boarding
  • children under 4 are free of charge
  • cruise from 09:00 - 17:00
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