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What do wild animals do at night? Tigers are hunting deer, pythons are twining huge banyan trees, dragons are waiting for porcupines, and giraffes are walking together with rhinos around the territory. If you’re eager to see wild species, including an endangered Javanese leopards and Komodo dragons in their habitat, you should go to night safari in Bali Safari and Marine Park.

This is a unique park in Indonesia. It’s almost 40 hectares of tropical woods where rare species of exotic plants and animals grow and live. You are going to have an exciting excursion on a special bus in the jungle. If you like nature and feel like being thrilled, then go to see how predators lying in ambush and catch prey. Be ready to get new emotions and dazzling experience, as some of them might come very close to the bus.

After the trip you are going to enjoy the fire show and exchange your impressions while having a delicious dinner with barbeque and live music at the restaurant Nkuchiro Gril&Bar with a panorama view.

Learn more about other entertainment and cultural programs of Safari Park; feed elephants and have breakfast with lions here.

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