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Explore the enchanting landscapes of Bali's canyons, which have been sculpted by nature over centuries. We invite you to embark on a journey through the untamed jungles and rugged gorges, where you'll witness breathtaking waterfall vistas and partake in exhilarating adventure sports, all without any real risk. This adventure is accessible to anyone, even if you don't have prior climbing experience, and promises a wealth of unforgettable memories and adrenaline rushes.

Canyoning offers a variety of descent options, including cliff jumps, sliding down natural chutes, and rappelling (a technique where you let go of the rope and gently descend). Our experienced instructors will be by your side throughout the journey, ensuring your safety while fostering team camaraderie and a lively atmosphere. We highly recommend canyoning to anyone seeking to behold the island's awe-inspiring natural beauty and create lasting memories on an unforgettable day.

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Ticket Company Rating Price
Tour "Sambangan Canyon"Trip: daily, for people with average physical preparation, fullday tour Company:
Rindu Adventures
1 540 000 idr
1 540 000 idr Details Book
Tour "Alam Canyon"Trip: daily, for people with good physical preparation, fullday tour Company:
Rindu Adventures
2 100 000 idr
2 100 000 idr Details Book
Tour "GitGit Canyon"Trip: daily, for people with minimal physical preparation, full day tour Company:
Rindu Adventures
1 400 000 idr
1 400 000 idr Details Book
* The discount could be applied for organized groups.

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TOTAL 3 080 000 IDR

Chosen:Tour "Sambangan Canyon"

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The tour includes:
✓ learning the basics of belaying technique;
✓ 6 descents using harnesses, from heights reaching up to 12 meters;
✓ 4 waterfall jumps ranging from 3 to 8 meters height;
✓ 7 exciting slides, with lengths varying from 2 to 7 meters;
✓ A remarkable canyon descent adventure lasting approximately: 2 - 3 hours.



What To Expect

Morning transfer
At the scheduled meeting time, a driver from Rindu Adventures transport company will arrive at your hotel or villa. Please wait for the car at the reception of your hotel or in the vicinity of your villa. The journey from the southern regions to the base camp is expected to take approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

Tour description

Upon your arrival at the base, we will offer you a choice of breakfast options, including fried banana, mineral water, tea, and coffee. You can also expect to have snacks like Beng-beng or Kitkat available during the activities.

Following this, you will receive an informative briefing in English from our experienced instructors. They will provide details about the canyoning route, how to follow the instructor's guidance, and essential safety rules.

Once you're briefed and ready to go, we will provide you with special gear, including a wetsuit, canyoning shoes, canyoning harness, safety straps, and a helmet. Our instructors will guide you on how to put on this equipment properly.

For the canyon adventure itself, you'll be transported to the canyon by a specially equipped truck. Depending on the program you choose, you can expect to spend between 3 to 6 hours exploring the canyon.

After completing the thrilling canyoning experience and filled with incredible emotions, you'll return to the base. Here, you will enjoy a satisfying lunch featuring dishes like nasi goreng (fried rice), mie goreng (fried noodles), capcay (vegetable soup), and a vegetarian menu.

Transfer the hotel

After indulging in a delightful lunch, our transfer service will safely take you back to your accommodation. Please note that the exact arrival time at your hotel or villa may vary based on traffic conditions, your chosen tour program, and the location of your accommodation.

The team wishes you a pleasant and memorable journey!


  • Deen S. 06.01.2024
    Canyoning (company: Rindu Adventures)
    The team were amazing. Friendly. Fun and safe. The canyoning experience was amazing. A great family bonding adventure with plenty of thrills. Even the subtle things were fantastic - like the food and the crew. The breakfast pancakes and the lunch nasi goreng were my son’s favourite meals for Bali.
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Cancellation Policy

  • We provide a refund for the service, with a 10% deduction from the payment amount, if the customer cancels at least 48 hours before the event begins, or if they can provide an official hospital document.
  • Refunds are processed using the exchange rate determined by the Bank of Indonesia on the day of payment.
  • We provide a full refund if the service provider is unable to deliver the service.
  • We assess refund requests within 5 calendar days from the date of the customer's application.
  • Refunds are processed within 14 calendar days from the date of the customer's request.

About payment:

  • booking by prepayment: 1 540 000 idr/pax
  • you can pay online with VISA, MasterCard, PayPal
  • you can pay by cash in shops Alfamart

The tour includes:

  • transer service
  • Qualified ICO pro (International Canyoning Organization) instructor and assistant
  • ICO pro Canyoneer training course
  • ICO pro card and membership in the association
  • professional insurance up to $25000
  • wetsuit, helmet, special canyoning shoes
  • carabiners, harnesses, all required equipment
  • light breakfast before the tour
  • lunch after the tour
  • drinking water during the tour
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  • free photos

Extra charge

  • surcharges for transfer from remote areas, the amount must be checked with the manager

You bring

  • swimsuit
  • waterproof camera
  • USB / SD / Micro SD

Please note

  • average tour duration in canyon 2 - 3 hours
  • for children over the age of 10
  • for people with average physical abilities
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