Devdan Show: a legendary performance originating from Bali

If you want to learn more about the culture of Indonesia, be sure to visit the country's most famous theatrical show - Devdan. It's an exciting performance that's on par with Broadway musicals and has been dubbed the "Indonesian Cirque du Soleil." It combines music, dance, acrobatics, history, and much more.

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What does the Devdan show tell about?

Devdan Show tells the story of two young people who embark on a journey through various regions of Indonesia to discover the culture and traditions of the country.

The show begins with the heroes landing on Bali, where they are able to see traditional Balinese dances and music that amaze them with their beauty and energy. One of the highlights is the famous fire dance - Kecak. They then travel to other regions of Indonesia where they experience different cultural performances and learn about the history and traditions of each place.


They travel through Indonesia, visiting Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Papua, where they encounter different peoples and rituals, and discover unique martial arts, magic, music, and dance.

Each performance in the show reflects unique aspects of the cultures and traditions of different regions of Indonesia. In some performances, you will see animals such as elephants and birds. In other performances, the artists present traditional dance accompanied by percussion instruments and other traditional musical instruments.

In some performances, the artists use modern dance elements, music, and acrobatic tricks to create an exciting spectacle.


One of the most impressive acts of the show is the fire performance. The artists perform their tricks with sticks, fire hoops, and other elements that create an incredible spectacle.

At the end of the show, the audience is treated to an amazing fireworks finale that serves as the conclusion to the journey of the characters and the viewers through the cultures of Indonesia.

What is the history of the Devdan Show?

The Devdan Show was created in 2010 in Bali by the well-known Indonesian artist, director, and producer, Nyoman Regiana. He wanted to create a theatrical performance that would represent the culture of Indonesia and its regions using modern technology and effects to make the spectacle even more captivating and interesting for the audience.

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Nyoman Regjana and his team spent a lot of time studying the traditions of various regions of Indonesia to create a show that would be a truthful reflection of the country's centuries-old culture. As a result, they created a show that features elements of traditional dances, music, and costumes from various regions of Indonesia, including Bali, Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Papua.

The Devdan show became popular due to its uniqueness and captivating spectacle. It has been presented on many international stages, such as China, Korea, the USA, Europe, Australia, and other countries, receiving huge success and recognition from audiences and critics.

Around 120 talented artists participate in the Devdan show, including dancers, musicians, acrobats, and other professionals. They all go through rigorous selection and training before joining the Devdan team. The show requires participants to have high physical fitness and professional skills to achieve the highest level of quality and spectacle expected from the show.


Where can I watch the Devdan Show?

The Devdan Show takes place outdoors in a specially built auditorium located in the Nusa Dua area in the southern part of Bali. The event is held in the evening and offers the audience an unforgettable experience that will remain in their memory for many years.

You can attend the show on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

The ticket prices start from $19. We have a seating plan and tickets of different categories available on our website.

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