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Bags & Backpacks

Bag "Femininity"

Weaving will emphasize the tenderness and lightness of the image of each girl.

250 000 IDR

Bag "Night moon"

It goes well with things from the basic wardrobe.

200 000 IDR

Bamboo bag "Basket"

Minimalistic design and bright shape.

360 000 IDR

Bamboo bag "Cylinder"

Creative design and strict geometric shape.

400 000 IDR

Bamboo bag "Samsara"

Perfect shape geometry and stylish design.

400 000 IDR

Eco-leather rattan bag "Kelly"

Laconic design, looks stylish and original.

575 000 IDR

Rattan Backpack "Trapeze"

Emphasize your unique style.

500 000 IDR

Rattan Bag "Chloe"

The retro form will decorate your casual style of dress.

380 000 IDR

Rattan Bag "Ellipse"

A form that sets you apart from the crowd.

270 000 IDR

Rattan Bag "Moon"

Eye-catching geometric shape.

440 000 IDR

Rattan backpack "Hieroglyphs"

Authentic design patterns and cylindrical shape.

350 000 IDR

Rattan bag "A small bit of happiness"

For the most necessary women's little things.

220 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Beach Chic"

Functional, versatile and stylish part of a beach holiday.

250 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Butterfly"

Original design and romantic style.

460 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Casket"

Minimalistic shape and bright design.

490 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Elegant basket"

Laconic design that emphasizes your personality.

450 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Evening cocktail"

A retro shape will suit your cocktail dress at the party.

360 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Gentle dream"

For gentle and romantic look.

300 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Golden sand"

Looks perfect with any summer dress.

220 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Graphite Stone"

Emphasize your exquisite taste.

200 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Magic chest"

Minimalistic in design, with a symmetrical pattern.

370 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Miniature girlfriend"

Little helper, for the most necessary things.

260 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Rhombus"

Bold geometric design for stylish girls.

400 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Sea shell"

The best memory of that same summer.

340 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Small chest"

Your girlfriend for every day for the necessary women's little things.

450 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Small valise"

Great for a picnic and short trip.

490 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Summer mood"

Бохо стиль прекрасно сочетается с летними образами

350 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Sunday brunch"

For the necessary things on the road and scheduled meetings with friends.

320 000 IDR

Rattan bag "Sunny day"

Comfortable, roomy and light.

260 000 IDR
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