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Do you like extreme sports? Do you want to test yourself and experience breathtaking emotions? Then wakeboarding is just for you. It is an extreme sport that combines skills used in surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. In wakeboarding you can learn or develop the technique of tricks, get new experience that will help you to improve the level of training in any other sport.

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Wake Park
in Bali allows you to test yourself in wakeboarding or water skiing for both beginners and experienced riders. For children and those who have never tried wakeboarding there is an option of reduced speed winch on Sundays. If you have already riden a wakeboard, you will appreciate the cable system with the ability to set individual speed of the winch for each rider and springboards for jumping tricks.
The Park is located in the area of Serangan and covers an territory of 5 hectares. There is an artificial lake with salty ocean water, wakeboarding, Aqualand, restaurant, bar with a swimming pool for relaxation, a specialized shop of equipment and equipment for wakeboarding.

How it will be

Transfer and opening hours of the Wake Park
You need to be in the Wake Park on your chosen date during the working hours of the Park (Monday-Thursday: 10:00-18:00, Friday-Sunday: 10:00 — 20:00).  
You can book a transfer from your hotel or villa to the Wake Park and back. You need to wait for the car at the reception of your hotel or near the villa.

Main program, instruction and equipment 
Upon arrival at the Wake Park, you will be given a standard wakeboard suitable for your weight and training level, a helmet and a protective vest. You are allowed to ride your own wakeboard.
Before the ride the instructor will brief on basic safety rules for beginners and answer your questions. 
The duration of the ride depends on the ticket you have chosen. Сable wakeboarding makes a circle ride, and up to 8 people can be carried at the same time. You can try yourself in freestyle or jump over springboard. Jumping tricks on springboards can be performed only on professional wakeboards. If you fall, for your convenience, the buggy will take you to the starting point, so you will save time and effort for the another tricks. 

Return transfer
After ride we recommend you to relax and visit the restaurant, swimming pool or Aqualand. If you have booked a transfer, the car will be waiting for you in the Park Wake Parking.

The MyBaliTrips.com company wishes you a pleasant journey!

About payment:

  • payment on the website or in cash on a trip
  • you can pay online with VISA, MasterCard, PayPal
  • you can pay by cash in shops Indomaret

The tour includes:

  • wakeboarding or water skiing 1 hour
  • basic equipment for wakeboarding
  • helmet, protective vest
  • shower and swimming pool inside the Park

Extra charge:

  • transfer from hotel /villa and back
  • professional board rental 1 hour - 200 000 rupees, 2 hours-300 000 rupees, all day-400 000 rupees
  • locker rental 30 000 rupees + deposit 50 000 rupees
  • towel 50 000 rupees + deposit 100 000 rupees
  • insurance

You bring:

  • sunscreen with high SPF
  • swimsuit / swimming trunks

Please note:

  • a warm-up is required before riding
  • Sunday is a kid's day
  • for children over the age of 6
  • a child ticket is for the price of an adult
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