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Take your kids, charge your cameras' batteries and put on some comfortable shoes - we are inviting you to spend a day in the modest exciting theme park in Bali. As vast as an average city, genuine jungles housed more than a hundred wild creatures.

A SAFARI, The Elephant talent show and Bathing, feeding crocodiles, Bali Agung National theatre performance, waterpark and lots of other entertainment are waiting for you. This fabulous day will pass in the blink of an eye. 

Choose the package you like the most and let's go!

When the twilight hits the island, feel free to go on a Night Safari to watch the wildlife and to open the mysteries of the dark.

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Bali Safari & Marine Park
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Bali Safari and Marine Park is a marvelous natural preservation park occupying a 40 hectars territory, a home for endangered species of animals, birds and fish of Indonesia, India and Africa. You will meet Javanese leopards, Giant monitors aka Komodo dragons, African Giraffes, Zebras, Rhinos and many other animals. 

The "Elephant back" package allows you to go on a bus tour around the park on a Safari Bus. You will meet over 100 species of different animals in their natural habitat. But most importantly you get a chance to experience meeting the biggest mammals on earth, the elephants. Enjoy the time spent with these surprisingly smart and kind creatures. And after that tiger and elephant shows, Harimau Show, feeding piranhas and crocodiles and much more. The package also includes photographs with animals and memorable souvenirs from the park. 


What To Expect

In case you have booked an individual transfer, by the time scheduled a Marine Safari park driver will be expecting you outside the hotel/villa you indicated. Please attend at the entrance or the reception area
If you chose a group transfer, please be at the meeting point of your area 5 minutes prior to the bus's departure. You can check the departure info online.

You need to provide your booking code and get the bracelet in order to get into the Marine Safari Park. The bracelet colour depends on the package you ordered. Along with it will get a map, the list of events with the schedule. 

You can choose on your own the events you'd like to attend to and the timing. We recommend you attend as many events as you can, so plan your day accordingly. Also if you have purchased an Elephant ride, you need to be at the starting point beforehand. 

After a busy day by the time scheduled the bus will be expecting you in the parking lot. We recommend you get there 10 minutes prior to departure. 
In case you have booked an individual transfer, you may stay at the park a little longer, the driver will be waiting for you. 
Please address all of your questions to our customer service via online chat on MyBaliTrips web site. wishes you a pleasant journey!


  • Ekaterina V. 19.09.2019
    Marine Safari Park (company: Bali Safari & Marine Park)
    Все очень понравилось. Менеджер помогла забронировать экскурсию, мы оплачивали через индомарт. Все легко и довольно просто:) В самом парке понравилось катание на слонах - но правда, не 30, а минут 15-20 мы катались, а так все здорово) Сама поездка по сафари - около 30 минут, парк не такой большой. Мы были с 10 до 16 - все успели обойти, были в ресторане Tsavo Lion - обедали со львами - лучше приходите к 13 или 13:45 - в это время как раз кормят львов и мы смогли понаблюдать за ними. Обратно доставили быстро, высади около нашего отеля. Общая оценка - 5. Спасибо!
  • Sergey M. 13.06.2019
    Marine Safari Park (company: Bali Safari & Marine Park)
    Все что предполагалось, то и получилось. Для инфы: кормление жирафа 300 килограмм их денег, слона - 50.
  • Dmitriy I. 28.02.2018
    Marine Safari Park (company: Bali Safari & Marine Park)
    Понравилось: яркая Экскурсия, с большим многообразием зверей, шоу, возможностью контакта с животными. Если кто то едет с детьми- то это будет идеальная Экскурсия. Не понравилось- что по ходу поездки возникало много вопросов, по % при оплате с Карты, по трансферу, по допуску на шоу по нашим браслетам. К чести компании май.бали.трипс все эти вопросы были разрешены. Отдельное спасибо менеджеру Юлии
  • Iuliia M. 19.02.2019
    Marine Safari Park (company: Bali Safari & Marine Park)
    Были в туре сафари элефант райд. Сотрудник компании mybalitrips на вопросы что входит сказала, что аквапарк, зона развлечений и айюнг театр входят. Ничего не входило. За все пришлось доплачивать.
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  • We give a refund for the service retaining 10% of the payment amount, if the customer makes the cancellation at least 48 hours before the event starts or if there is an official document from the hospital.
  • Refunds are made at the exchange rate set by the Bank of Indonesia on the day of payment.
  • We give a full refund in case the provider can't render the service.
  • We review the issue of a refund up to 5 calendar days from the date of costumer's application.
  • We provide a refund within 14 calendar days from the date of costumer's application.

About payment:

  • booking by prepayment: 23 $/pax
  • you can pay online with VISA, MasterCard, PayPal
  • you can pay by cash in shops Indomaret


  • remote locations pick up is paid for additionally, please get in touch with our manager for surcharge info

Remember to get:

  • extra cash for food and souvenirs

Please note:

  • children below the age of 3 attend free of charge
  • A child fare is applied to 3-12 year olds
  • The hours for this package are 9am - 4pm
  • contact our manager to book the transfer
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